Loto-Québec and CSN Union Still Can’t Find Agreement - Casino Reports
Loto-Québec and CSN Union Still Can’t Find Agreement – Casino Reports

employees unhappy with their working conditions continue their strikes, as on Thursday, September 7, 2023, they protested in Montreal. Represented by the , staff claim the negotiations between the union and the employer, Loto-Québec, have stalled. Workers insist on better working conditions due to the increasing cost of in Quebec.

Unionized employees from several casinos in the province first went out on a five-day strike during the Formula 1 Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal in June. After they voted in favour of an indefinite general strike as the employer refused to meet their demands. Some of their requests include an additional CA$1 per hour of work.

Protests Continue Into This Week

Picket lines continued on Thursday as workers claim that negotiations between the Crown and the union have hit a roadblock. One of the protesting staff members, Constantinos Alexiou, commented that life is getting more and more expensive and some workers have trouble making ends meet. That is why employees demand proper salaries, he clarified.

Approximately 1,700 unionized employees from four Quebec casinos, including the Montreal one and the Crown's online gaming platform Espacejeux have been on the picket lines since June. However, the employer argued that salaries are competitive. But the union noted current figures are out of date in today's competitive labour market, and that it is willing to negotiate.

Mr. Alexiou shared that the employees are to negotiate, and explained that the boss has been providing 2.5% per year for five years, but it is also requesting newcomers to take a hit of 10%. He also explained that staffers demand salaries matching the increasing cost of living and want to be able to not get poor year after year.

Protesting workers urge locals not to buy lottery, despite being quite appealing to win big from it. They are also calling for individuals to try to abstain from going into one of the casinos, and even try to limit their online gaming activities, as a pressure tactic to the corporation. Overall, the unionized employees advise people not to play at all and avoid gambling at all costs.

Loto-Québec's Last Statement

In the middle of August 2023, Loto-Québec issued a statement to address the current situation regarding the protests at its casinos. It claimed that it has offered a number of possible solutions to address the union's concerns. However, according to the Crown company, those terms were declined by the union in just two days of negotiations.

Furthermore, the employer observed that at the start the union demanded more than double what was given to all of the Crown agency's other employees in 2022. It stated that despite the progress since then, the gap between union demands and the latest offer is still very large. It noted that the seven other collective agreements from 2022 were well-received by all parties in the same job classification.

Source: “Striking Montreal Casino workers demand more from Loto-Québec” City News Everywhere, September 7, 2023

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Albertan Player Scores CA$50M in Lotto Max Draw - Casino Reports
Albertan Player Scores CA$50M in Lotto Max Draw – Casino Reports

Canada's widely popular offering has recently awarded another lottery with another major windfall. According to the Western Canada Lottery Corporation this time the winner resides in Edmonton, Alberta. Their identity remains unknown at the time, but they are eligible for a massive CA$50-million jackpot from the game.

Lotto Max is a nationwide game with two draws taking place every week. One on Tuesday and the other on Friday. The offering is quite popular among lottery enthusiasts due to its hefty payouts, such as its main prize which can reach the whooping CA$70,000,000. On top of that depending on the size of the jackpot, there are sometimes Maxmilions, each coming at CA$1 million.

Jackpot Finds Its Holder

According to the Western Canada Lottery Corporation, a winner has been found for the jackpot worth CA$50 million in the Tuesday, September 5, 2023 drawing of the popular lottery game. At the time, the name of the lucky winner is unknown. However, the Crown agency only revealed that the holder of the winning resides somewhere in Edmonton.

Those who had tickets for the said are encouraged to check their tickets for the winning combination of 08, 20, 23, 26, 38, 45, 47, and 33 as bonus numbers. The winner matched all seven winning numbers. Now, after the jackpot has been claimed after a solid accumulation phase, it will amount to CA$12 million in the next draw on Friday, September 8, 2023.

But in addition to the activation of the jackpot, Tuesday's draw also saw one ticket claim a hefty second prize after matching six of the seven winning numbers plus the bonus numbers. The winner is set to claim CA$186,281.10, provided that they validate the ticket with the Lottery and Gaming Corporation as they are located somewhere in the Heartland province.

However, that is not all, in its press release, the WCLC also reported that in the said drawing of Lotto Max, thirty-seven people matched six of the seven winning numbers. Hence, making them eligible for a CA$5,034.60 payout each. Unfortunately, no player managed to get one of the two Maxmillions from the draw. Lotto Max Extra also remained intact.

Alberta and Its Fair Share of Lotter Winners

Over the last couple of years, Albertans have claimed some hefty prizes by playing Lotto Max. This includes the largest recorded lottery win in the province belonging to Calgary business owner Mitchel Dyck. He won a life-changing CA$70,000,000 in 2022. Mr. Dyck is a lottery regular as he often buys purchases tickets when stopping to refill his truck for his business.

In addition to Mr. Dyck, in April 2023, Alberta witnessed another major lottery win in the province. This time a Lethbridge man won an amazing CA$55 million from the April 25, 2023 draw. The name of the winner is Aaron Parsons who got his lucky ticket from a 7-Eleven in Lethbridge to which he went to buy his girlfriend соме cake. To his surprise came home significantly richer.

Source: Silvestre, Irish Mae “Jackpot alert! Someone just won a life-changing $50 million lottery prize” Daily Hive, September 6, 2023

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Bet99 Inks Microbetting Partnership with Simplebet - Casino Reports
Bet99 Inks Microbetting Partnership with Simplebet – Casino Reports

Canadian sports bettors are in for a treat, as , which operates in 's regulated markets and the rest of Canada via grey-market operations, will now debut . This is possible after the subsidiary of Sports Ventures Holding has teamed up with . Now, the latter will provide microbetting options for the operator and its many sports wagering players.

It should be first explained that Simplebet is a popular gaming brand that specializes in data and innovation in relation to live sporting events and real-time wagering. The sports betting provider boasts numerous partnerships with leading operators, such as DraftKings, Caesars Entertainment, bet365, and Hard Rock Bet, and is anofficial gaming of LIV Golf.

Launching Microbetting to Canadian Audiences

As part of the multi-year between the two sides, Simplebet will now provide extensive micro markets across multiple leagues with its innovative API odds feed to the operator, bet99. Some of the markets that the provider offers include leagues such as MLB, NFL, NBA, college football, and college basketball. All of which will be soon available to players of the operator.

CEO of Bet99, Jared Beber said that the company is pleased to partner up with Simplebet to deliver a new level of gambling entertainment and engagement to its user base. He added that the current collaboration will further bolster the operator's offering and provide its players with a more dynamic and interactive sports wagering experience.

Sports Venture Holdings' subsidiary is a brand that debuted in 2020 and is already one of the leading online betting and platforms and Canada. The operator is one of the dozens of private brands to operate in Ontario's lucrative and competitive sector for iGaming. It joined the sector back in November 2022, when it announced its Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario license.

The company is also popular for its free-play websites and its offerings of a wide range of betting options specifically for the Canadian gaming space. In addition to that, it became the official betting partner of the NHL and has also collaborated with Genius Sports for NFL matches. Meanwhile, its is revamping its platform with technology provider Amleco.

In the meantime, the CEO of Simplebet Chris Bevilacqua also shared a few words on the deal. He remarked the company is committed to transforming the sports betting scene via cutting-edge technology. He added that the partnership with Bet99 is part of the company's strategy, and is now looking forward to providing the one-of-a-kind market experience to Canadian sports fans.

Partnering with the NHL

As mentioned, Bet99 is one of the sports betting operators to partner with the NHL. At the end of 2022, the online gaming platform became the official betting partner of the league. Through the partnership, the operator launched a free-to-play title, NHL PrePlay. It allows fans to answer predictive outcome-based questions and awards them points for each correctly answered question.

Source: Senkiw, Brad “Bet99 Partners with Simplebet to Bring Canadian Sports Bettors Diverse Microbetting Market” Covers, August 31, 2023

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Loto-Québec Ready to Resume Contract Talks with Union - Casino Reports
Loto-Québec Ready to Resume Contract Talks with Union – Casino Reports

Loto-Québec has issued a statement, in which it expressed its disappointment with 's move to disrupt the negotiation process for a second time. The Crown corporation stated that it has offered a number of possible solutions to address the 's concerns. However, according to the employer, those terms were declined in the last two days of discussions.

Unionized staff members of several Quebec casinos went out on strike in June 2023 after they voted on an unlimited general strike. They demand better wages to match the rising cost of in the province and an additional CA$1 per hour of work. However, the employer argues that the demands are way too steep and refuses to match them.

Willing to Negotiations

In its latest press, the gambling corporation stated that it is committed to continuing serious and constructive decisions with the labour union to make enhancements to working conditions while ensuring that public funds are managed responsibly. The Crown previously claimed that the union made unrealistic demands of requesting a 24% increase over three years.

The employer remarked that at the start the union demanded more than double what was given to all of the Crown agency's other employees in 2022. It stated that despite the progress since then, the gap between union demands and the latest offer is still very large. It noted that the seven other collective agreements from 2022 were well-received by all parties in the same job classification.

Additionally, the Crown claims that it offers good working conditions for all its members as salaries are higher than the reference market. It also argued that most CSN-affiliated employees benefited from the positive financial results of the last year through the incentive pay for which they are eligible for. Hence, saying that almost 65% of working hours provided bonuses.

In its press, the organization also discussed that it experiences the same attraction and retention problems as most corporations. But still, its attractive casino conditions have provided over 300 new hires since April 1, 2023. Also, the corporation explained that almost 40% of its personnel at gaming locations have more than 20 years of experience.

Update on Business Hours at Properties

Due to the ongoing picket lines that started in June, some of the Crown's locations operate under new working hours. Casino Lac-Leamy, Salon de jeux de Trois-Rivières and Salon de jeux de Québec follow their usual schedule. But Montréal, Charlevoix and Mont-Tremblant casinos function via a modified schedule specific to each location and some services are limited.

Full working hours for each of the gaming establishments can be found on the casinos' official websites, informed the employer. It also remarked that the strike does not involve dealers at its Montréal, Charlevoix and Lac-Leamy locations. Also, its online gaming platform, lotoquebec.com is also unaffected and resumes regular digital operations.

Source: “Loto-Québec invites union to resume negotiations” Loto-Québec, August 16, 2023

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OLG Presents CA$10 Instant Living Luck with Luke Combs Ticket - Casino Reports
OLG Presents CA$10 Instant Living Luck with Luke Combs Ticket – Casino Reports

Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation has recently unveiled a new lottery ticket, which gives players a chance to win an intimate music performance by country music star, Combs. Branded CA$10 Instant Lucky with Luke Combs, the ticket would feature six top lottery prizes of CA$250,000 and five trips to Nashville to the concert.

Its new offer comes in collaboration with Atlas Experience, will give five fans a chance to watch live Luke Combs at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville. Trip Package Prize winners can also participate in a separate contest with other winners from participating Living Lucky with Luke Combs lotteries in North America for a chance to win a US$500,000 prize.

Ticket Now Available

In its latest press release, OLG's Chief Lottery and Customer Officer, Nancy Kennedy, said the Crown corporation was excited to offer music fans a chance to attend a Luke Combs concert. He noted that the prizing opportunity is just one of OLG's ways of enhancing its lottery ticket products and demonstrating its commitment to giving Ontarians new winning experiences.

OLG's new CA$10 Instant Living Lucky with Luke Combs ticket is available for purchase at Ontarian retailers from August 7, 2023. It features six top lottery prizes of CA$250,000 and a second chance contest for a chance to claim one of the five trips to Nashville for players to witness an exclusive Luke Combs concert at Ryman Auditorium in Nashville.

In addition to that, OLG noted that all second-chance contest entries must be submitted by October 13, 2023. More details on this can be found on the OLG Living Lucky with Luke Combs Second Chance Contest website. The odds of winning depend on number of entries received. However, this offer is only available to Ontarians and is not accessible to individuals in other provinces.

The Crown elaborated that Trip Package Prize winners will also gain entry to a secondary draw as part of a chance of winning one of two more available prizes. The first one is a US$10,000 windfall, which comes with the cool odds of 1 in 5. While the other one is one VIP seating and meet & greet experience at the Luke Combs concert with odds of 1 in 4.

Recent Announcements by OLG

Just last week, the Crown corporation revealed that it will be celebrating the 30th anniversary “Winner! Gagnant!” win tone with a special campaign. For the occasion, the Crown corporation is releasing a fresh new remix from local Ontario artists, Loud Luxury and Preston Pablo. The widely popular tone will now be taken on a tour across the province.

Also, in July 2023, OLG struck a new affiliate marketing with Gateway Casinos & Entertainment which operates 14 land-based casinos across Ontario. As part of the collaboration, the operator will now promote OLG's online slots, table games, live casinos, and digital , PROLINE+ on OLG.ca to guests of its 14 gaming locations in the province.

Source: “OLG Becomes the First Canadian Lottery to Offer a Chance to Win a Once-in-a-Lifetime Luke Combs Fan Experience” PR Newswire, August 11, 2023

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CFL Acquires NEO.bet as Sportsbook Partner in Ontario - Casino Reports
CFL Acquires NEO.bet as Sportsbook Partner in Ontario – Casino Reports

The Canadian Football League is enhancing its fan experience, as the league announced that it has partnered up with the gambling brand, . Via the collaboration, the iGaming platform is now one of the league's Authorized Gaming Operators and an official Sportsbook . It is believed the will bring an even more engaging betting experience for fans.

NEO.bet presents players with an exceptionally secure betting opportunity. The platform has meticulously designed a unique betting venture tailored to the preferences of local sports aficionados, encompassing a diverse selection of thoughtfully selected betting occasions. With an unparalleled foundation, it provides a recognizable and dependable encounter, setting unprecedented standards in technology, safety, and dependability.

Sharing Similar Values

Speaking on the partnership, the CEO of the league, Thomas Louis, shared that the CFL represents the inclusiveness, pursuit of distinction and commitment to fan and athlete welfare which resonates with the value of the gaming brand. He is hopeful that the collaboration will take online sports betting to new highs for fans who wish to the best possible experience.

Via the partnership, the two sides will be able to launch special CFL-oriented betting events and contests for fans and sports betting punters in the province, making the upcoming NFL season even more exciting. Launched in the province in April 2023, the platform offers legal online sports betting and services at on.neobet.ca to players who are above the legal gaming age of 19.

Tyler Mazereeuw, Chief Commercial Officer of the CFL, welcomed the platform to the CFL family and said the league was pleased of having the brand on board. He added responsible sports betting is a deeply personal and meaningful way for fans to connect with the story of the league. While also noting that it is always special for fans when their favourite team or players brings a win.

In the meantime, the betting platform believes that the collaboration with the CLF will become the foundation, as the two bring a higher standard of iGaming. According to the statement, the standard will be one of safety and security being of higher priority than making profits. The operator also vows to deliver a better-quality product with technological innovations and unmatched reliability.

Similar to all other CFL's Authorized Gaming Operators, NEO is devoted to upholding the league's high standards for game integrity and responsible gaming play. Recently, CFL introduced a Match Manipulation Policy to protect against potential match-fixing. This was done in cooperation with Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport and educated players and personnel on the new policies.

Partnering with Another Operator

At the end of June 2023, CFL also inked a partnership with the world-renowned gambling operator, FanDuel. As per the , the brand became the first authorized gambling operator and an official sportsbook partner to the league. From the new season, the operator will deliver new and special CFL wagering experience, including market on a variety of in-game props.

Source: “NEO.bet Joins Forces with CFL to Expand Options for Bettors in Ontario” CFL, August 1, 2023

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Lotto Max Jackpot Mencapai CA$70 Juta di Babak Berikutnya - Laporan Kasino
Lotto Max Jackpot Mencapai CA$70 Juta di Babak Berikutnya – Laporan Kasino

sekali lagi menawarkan hadiah yang mengubah hidup, karena permainan tidak diklaim setelah pengundian terbaru. Artinya, hadiah utama akan tetap sebesar CA$70.000.000 untuk pengundian game pada hari Jumat, 25 Juli 2023. Selain itu, akan ada banyak MaxMillions yang diperebutkan.

Sebagai salah satu produk lotere paling populer di seluruh Kanada, Lotto Max menawarkan beberapa hadiah paling menarik, dengan jackpotnya mampu C$70 yang mengejutkan, seperti halnya undian berikutnya. Selain itu, gim ini juga menawarkan hadiah Maxmillion, yang muncul setelah jackpot melebihi 50 juta dolar Kanada, masing-masing memiliki satu juta dolar Kanada.

Hadiah menarik lainnya

Menurut Lotere Kanada, tidak ada pemegang tiket yang dapat mencocokkan ketujuh nomor pemenang jackpot selama pengundian terakhir pada 21 Juli 2023. Oleh karena itu, mega hadiah C$70 juta akan dipindahkan ke pengundian berikutnya. Untuk bagiannya, nomor pemenang dari pengundian sebelumnya adalah 04, 08, 14, 25, 28, 40 dan 41, dan nomor bonusnya adalah 06.

Sekarang, pemain akan memiliki kesempatan lain untuk hadiah yang mengubah hidup, karena pengundian berikutnya untuk permainan berbasis undian nasional akan dilakukan Selasa, 25 Juli 2023. Tiket untuk permainan dapat dibeli di salah satu dari banyak pengecer resmi di seluruh negeri dan online melalui salah satu platform iGaming yang diatur oleh provinsi, tergantung pada lokasi masing-masing provinsi.

Meskipun tidak ada tiket yang memenuhi syarat untuk mega jackpot, pengundian Jumat lalu masih menghasilkan beberapa rejeki nomplok yang menarik dengan angka enam dan tujuh. Lima dari 20 Maxmillions undian diklaim oleh pemain dari Ontario dan Quebec. Selain itu, empat orang lainnya mencocokkan enam dari tujuh angka dan membawa pulang lebih dari CA$371.000. Salah satu tiketnya ada di Nechako Lakes, BC

Tiket senilai CA$70 juta kedaluwarsa

Berbicara tentang hadiah sebesar C$70 juta, pada bulan Juni, Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation mengingatkan para pemainnya bahwa tiket senilai nilai tersebut akan segera kedaluwarsa. Tiket dibeli di Scarborough untuk Pengundian untuk 28 Juni 2022 permainan, dan dijadwalkan berakhir 52 minggu kemudian. Ini karena batas waktu yang ditentukan oleh undian provinsi untuk mengklaim hadiah undian.

Tak lama setelah tenggat waktu, mengatakan tiket kemungkinan besar tidak akan diklaim. tidak divalidasi melalui terminal OLG. Terungkap bahwa Crown Corporation menerima lebih dari 1.100 klaim dari orang-orang yang mengaku kehilangan tiket. Jika pemenang tidak ditemukan, hadiah jackpot akan ditempatkan pada pengundian dalam game yang akan datang.

Agensi Crown menjelaskan bahwa karena tingginya jumlah klaim tiket yang hilang, salah satu tim penyelidik lotre yang berdedikasi perlu meluangkan waktu untuk meninjau semua klaim yang dibuat sebelum batas waktu 28 Juni. Setelah melalui proses evaluasi yang menyeluruh. dibuat oleh ahlinyaCrown akan memberikan pembaruan lebih lanjut tentang para pemenang.

Sumber: “Tidak ada pemenang akhir pekan ini berarti jackpot Lotto Max senilai $70 juta masih diperebutkan” Sekarang24 Juli 2023

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Penawar Kasino Pulau Coney Mendukung Peluang Proyek - Laporan Kasino
Penawar Kasino Pulau Coney Mendukung Peluang Proyek – Laporan Kasino

Thor Equities mitranya untuk Island yakin proposal mereka untuk kompleks permainan Coney Island sangat cocok dengan kriteria Negara Bagian New York. Perusahaan bersama dengan Chickasaw Nation, Saratoga Holdings, Thor Equities, dan Legends Hospitality telah mengajukan proposal untuk resor kasino senilai US$3 miliar di trotoar terkenal itu.

Saat itu, Empire State ingin memberikan tiga lisensi kasino skala penuh untuk wilayah selatan negara bagian tersebut. Pada bulan Januari, Dewan Fasilitas Tempat Permainan memulai proses Permintaan Aplikasi, memungkinkan pihak yang berkepentingan untuk mengajukan tawaran mereka untuk ditinjau. Ketiga pemenang harus membayar $500 juta untuk mendapatkan lisensi yang akan diumumkan pada akhir tahun 2023.

Membayangkan kemungkinan Anda

Paul Pippin, COO Global Gaming Solutions, anak perusahaan game dari Chickasaw Nation Sam Gerrity, CEO Saratoga Casino Holdings, baru-baru ini membahas proposal Coney Island-nya. Namun, proposal Anda memiliki mendapat penolakan dari masyarakatsebagai dari kantor Presiden Brooklyn Borough Antonio Reynoso menemukan bahwa penduduk setempat tidak terlalu menyukai tersebut dan telah menimbulkan kekhawatiran.

Kedua petugas mengatakan kekhawatiran masyarakat telah diakui. Mr Pippin mencatat bahwa oposisi adalah bagian dari proses dan berkomentar itu umpan balik masyarakat adalah komponen besar untuk konglomerat. Dia juga mengatakan perusahaan menghargai umpan balik dan akan mencoba menggunakan masukan dari penduduk setempat untuk mendukung aplikasi lisensi mereka.

Namun peringkat GLFB pada aplikasi terdiri dari 70% untuk kegiatan ekonomi dan pengembangan bisnis, dengan 30% terbagi rata antara dampak lokal, peningkatan tenaga kerja, dan kerangka keragaman. Kedua pejabat tersebut mencatat bahwa tawaran mereka tidak benar-benar memenuhi kriteria tersebut, tetapi berpendapat bahwa tujuannya adalah mengembalikan Coney ke kejayaannya yang dulu dengan proyek yang tidak bersifat musiman tetapi sepanjang tahun.

Tuan Pippin berkata bahwa Pulau Coney adalah salah satu tempat liburan bersejarah di New York. Proposal bermaksud menciptakan daya tarik sepanjang tahun melalui pembentukan resor kasino, meningkatkan kegiatan ekonomi. Distrik hiburan yang diusulkan proyek ini dipandang sebagai tambahan penting bagi wilayah tersebut dan diharapkan dapat menyediakan ribuan pekerjaan bergaji tinggi bagi penduduk setempat.

Presiden Dewan Komunitas 13 Lucy Mujica Díaz menyatakan keprihatinan bahwa penduduk setempat dapat kehilangan subsidi perumahan umum jika mereka mengambil pekerjaan bergaji tinggi di kasino. Meskipun demikian, Tuan Pippin dan Tuan Gerrity bermaksud untuk menghadirkan resor tersebut sebagai mitra komunitas oleh Berkolaborasi dengan bisnis terdekat. Keduanya percaya situs mereka menawarkan pengembangan ekonomi yang tak tertandingi, membuat mereka “dengan rendah hati percaya diri” lisensi kasino New York.

Pertarungan untuk lisensi akan sulit

Namun, mendapatkan lisensi akan menjadi tugas yang sangat sulit bagi konsorsium. Tawarannya akan menghadapi tentangan dari Proyek Las Vegas Sands yang merenungkan kasino di Nassau County dan dianggap sebagai favorit. Selain itu, dua lisensi hampir selesai untuk Empire City Casino di Yonkers dan Resort World New York City di Queens, yang telah beroperasi sebagai layanan permainan di New York City.

Sumber: O'Connor, Devin “Pengembang kasino Coney Island yakin resor ini akan merevitalisasi komunitas tepi laut Brooklyn” casino.org23 Juli 2023

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BC Man Lebih Kaya CA$675K Setelah Memenangkan Tiket Gosok - Laporan Kasino
BC Man Lebih Kaya CA$675K Setelah Memenangkan Tiket Gosok – Laporan Kasino

British Columbia Lottery Corporation membayar kemenangan besar lainnya minggu lalu karena melaporkan rejeki nomplok Scratch & Win yang besar. Menurut BCLC, penduduk Surrey William Goligher mencetak kemenangan mengesankan sebesar CA$675.000 dengan memainkan Set for Life. Pemenangnya masih kaget dengan hadiahnya dan sekarang sedang mencari cara untuk membelanjakannya.

Set for Life adalah permainan kartu gores nasional di Kanada yang cukup populer di kalangan penggemar lotere. Pemenang dapat memilih antara pembayaran anuitas berkala sebesar CA$1.000 per minggu selama periode 25 tahun dan pembayaran sekaligus sekaligus sebesar CA$675.000. Dalam kasus Tuan Goligher, dia memilih pembayaran sekaligus.

Lokal lain menang besar

Warga Surrey itu tiba di kantor BCLC di Vancouver minggu lalu untuk mengklaim cek CA$675rb miliknya dan membagikan beberapa latar belakang kemenangan tersebut. Dia menjelaskan bahwa itu keputusan dadakan untuk membeli di Real Canadian Superstore di King George Highway dan 76 Avenue. Dia ingat bahwa dia tertidur melihat bahwa dia telah memenangkan yang luar biasa.

Setelah itu, dia menunggu beberapa hari sampai beritanya selesai dan membawa tiketnya ke pengecer togel resmi. Istrinya menemaninya karena ingin melihat sendiri bahwa hadiah itu nyata. Sekarang, Tuan Goligher berencana gunakan pembayaran untuk membantu keluarga Anda tetapi akan membutuhkan waktu Anda untuk mencari tahu apa yang harus dilakukan selanjutnya. Mereka berencana untuk merayakan rejeki nomplok dengan memanjakan diri mereka dengan makan malam yang menyenangkan.

Meski sudah mengambil hadiah di BCLC Vancouver official, pemenang mengatakan bahwa hadiah uang masih mengejutkannya dan itu perasaan itu belum sepenuhnya meresap tetap. Juga, pemenang mengatakan bahwa dengan bantuan uang yang baru ditemukan, mereka akan dapat melakukan apa yang mereka inginkan selanjutnya. Pemain yang menang besar dalam lotre biasanya mempertimbangkan untuk pensiun awal, tetapi waktu akan menentukan Tuan Goligher.

Menurut perusahaan Crown, pemain di BC telah mencetak beberapa hadiah luar biasa di Set for Life Scratch & Win pada tahun 2023. Saat ini, mereka pendapatan melebihi CAD 5 juta dengan potensi lebih banyak tiket menang di jalan. Data BCLC menunjukkan bahwa seseorang mengaktifkan jackpot game adalah satu banding 508.333.

Lebih banyak pemenang permainan

Tuan Goligher bukan satu-satunya orang British Colombia yang menang besar di Set for Life dalam beberapa bulan terakhir. Pada bulan Maret, BCLC melaporkan bahwa penduduk Salmon Arm yang dimiliki Murray Wallace juga memicu jackpot CA$675k dalam permainan. Tuan Wallace membeli tiket kemenangannya saat dalam perjalanan ke Kamloops, berhenti di Halte Truk BVD di Jalan Kokanee.

Pada musim panas 2022, Kanada Atlantik juga menyaksikan kemenangan signifikan di Set for Life as timotius lewis dari Kentville, Nova Scotia dia juga memperoleh CA $ 675.000. Tuan Lewis, yang merupakan dan Lotto 6/49 reguler, mengira dia akan mencoba sesuatu yang berbeda dan itu terbayar. Setelah awalnya memenangkan CA$4 dan CA$8, dia terus bermain, akhirnya memberinya hadiah yang mengubah hidup.

Sumber: Gill, Meagan “‘Belum Meraup Keuntungan': Tiket Jackpot $675K dari BC Man” Berita CTV Vancouver7 Juli 2023

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BCLC dan Uang Kertas Pollard Memperkenalkan Tiket Instan JAWS - Laporan Kasino
BCLC dan Uang Kertas Pollard Memperkenalkan Tiket Instan JAWS – Laporan Kasino

Pollard dan British Columbia Lottery Corporation baru-baru ini diluncurkan MULUT Scratch & Win Instant , terinspirasi oleh blockbuster ikonik yang disutradarai oleh Steven Spielberg dan dirilis pada tahun 1975. seharga CA$5 dan mengundang pemain dalam perjalanan untuk menghidupkan kembali keseruan film pemenang Academy Award dan menghasilkan dari CA$1,6 dalam penjualan selama tiga minggu pertama.

BCLC adalah agen negara bagian yang menyediakan produk permainan dan lotre yang legal namun bertanggung jawab kepada British Columbia. Melalui operasi permainannya, ia mampu ekonomi lokal dan telah menghasilkan pendapatan bersih lebih dari C$28 miliar untuk provinsi tersebut. Uang tersebut digunakan untuk mendukung komunitas, program dan layanan, amal, dan acara besar.

Selami produk baru

Waktu perilisannya bukanlah suatu kebetulan, karena musim panas ini menandai 48 tahun sejak blockbuster pertama kali tayang di layar lebar. Uang kertas dikembangkan oleh Uang Kertas Pollard dan memberi penghormatan kepada poster film ikonik. Ini membanggakan beberapa hadiah besar dengan pembayaran maksimum sebesar CA$100.000 sementara ketegangan mengungkap angka pemenang hanya bisa ditandingi oleh film itu sendiri.

Perlu disebutkan bahwa game Scratch & Win didukung oleh kampanye pemasaran multifaset oleh penyedia tiket – Uang Kertas Pollard. Ini termasuk dukungan media sosial yang ekstensif, tanda terminal digital, dan merchandising pemenang penghargaan lainnya, yang semuanya menggunakan aset visual nostalgia dari film aslinya. Itu menghasilkan penjualan lebih dari CA$1,6 juta hanya dalam tiga minggu.

Shirley Park, Spesialis Produk Senior di Crown Corporation, memiliki beberapa kata untuk dikatakan tentang peluncuran tiket tersebut. Menurut perwakilan tersebut, aman untuk mengatakan bahwa produk Scratch & Win yang baru telah ada cukup heboh di antara pemain BC. Dia menambahkan bahwa game baru ini merupakan tambahan yang menyenangkan untuk portofolio tiket dan menjadi hit di kalangan pemain, memungkinkan mereka untuk menghidupkan kembali pengalaman film blockbuster musim panas yang ikonik.

Brad Thompson, wakil presiden penjualan dan pemasaran Uang Kertas Pollard, mengucapkan selamat kepada BCLC atas debut uang kertas berdasarkan klasik MULUT film. Dia mencatat bahwa perpustakaan penyedia game berlisensi tumbuh dengan penambahan produk baru yang menarik. tuan thompson memuji pendekatan -first Crown yang menghasilkan blockbuster musim panas lainnya.

Meningkatkan konten pemain Anda

Bulan lalu, BCLC juga mengumumkan peluncuran tiket untuk naik permainan instan Ini adalah permainan tiket instan pertama untuk industri lotere yang terinspirasi oleh dan berdasarkan permainan meja Ticket to Ride™ dari Days of Wonder. Itu datang dengan jackpot CA $ 50.000 dan bonus kartu liar. Satu lagi, tiket datang dengan bantuan Uang Kertas Pollard yang berbasis di Manitoba.

Selain Tiket Instan baru, BCLC juga selalu mencari untuk meningkatkan penawaran iGaming di playnow.com. April ini, agensi Crown merilis ReelPlay's megavia hipernova, menjadikannya judul pertama studio di situs web. Peluncuran ini difasilitasi oleh ekosistem Light & Wonder OpenGaming yang menawarkan lebih dari 3.500 game dari jaringan global studio internal dan pihak ketiga.

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