Ontario Operators Seek Clarity on iGaming Ads Changes - Casino Reports
Ontario Operators Seek Clarity on iGaming Ads Changes – Casino Reports

Not long ago, the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario made some significant changes to its iGaming advertising and marketing standards. The online gambling watchdog banned the use of active and retired in . However, online in the province's sector have recently called for clarification of the new marketing standards.

In April 2022, Ontario became the first Canadian territory to privatize its online gambling market, which saw the licensing and launch of numerous third-party operators in the sector. The market is overseen by which has already fined several registered operators and suppliers for breaching the province's Standards for Internet Gaming.

Stakeholders Need Clarifications

Kindred 's Amanda Brewer has recently stated that stakeholders are in a bit of confusion as to what defines an athlete or a celebrity. She added that no operator had any appetite for the visit in the early days of the market launch when the inducement language was far from clear and operators got served fined for breaching inducement rules.

The iGaming watchdog introduced its updated standards on advertising at the end of August 2023, hence banning sports stars from featuring in gambling endorsements. However, those rules will go into effect on February 28, 2024. This is another transitional period for the regulator who previously gave private brands a deadline to apply for a license in the province.

Ms. Brewer said that from an integrity perspective, the changes to ads make sense, but she believes that it does not address of the volume of ads. She commented that if the problem is how many ads are aired, and that the problem last year was mainly with the , then, the topic needs to be taken up with the NHL and the broadcasters.

Paul Burns, the president of the Canadian Gaming Association is also wondering what is the difference between a celebrity and a retired athlete, and what are the metrics to determine what appeals to minors. The CGA has contacted the AGCO and has requested to be of the process for developing the details of the new advertising regulations.

”Too Little Too Late”

However, changes to the iGaming advertising have come too late according to Noah Vineberg, who completed Ontario's sole residential treatment program for problem gambling. He believes the update in gaming ads would have made an impact if the province had listened to all the advice of other countries and everything going into it had not been allowed.

Diana Gabriele, a certified counsellor at the CPGDD at Hotel-Dieu Grace Healthcare, remarked gaming ads are quite problematic for most people as in recent years they have become quite common in sports broadcasts. She claimed the ban on sports stars is a good first step, as prior to the past six months or so, she has seen this proliferation of gaming ads in her life.

Source: R. Dorson, Jill “Ontario Stakeholders Want Clarity on Advertising and Marketing Updates” SportsHandle, September 26, 2023

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Parq Vancouver Marks Start of NHL Season with Special Promos - Casino Reports
Parq Vancouver Marks Start of NHL Season with Special Promos – Casino Reports

The newest NHL has arrived and is using the occasion to introduce hockey-themed promotions. As the official resort to the Vancouver Canucks, the gambling location is launching numerous to bring fans closer together and make its amenities the ultimate destination for the many hockey enthusiasts.

Located just 5 minutes away from the Rogers Arena in downtown Vancouver at 39 Smithe St, the gambling resort is a premier entertainment destination offering world-class gambling and hospitality amenities. It also boasts numerous premium restaurants and bars, making it an attractive location for all kinds of purposes and occasions.

Bolsteing Experience for Hockey Fans

With the of the current NHL season, Parq Vancouver will add promotions to enhance fan experience. It should be mentioned that the casino became official gambling partner to the Vancouver Canucks in October last year. For the occasion, the destination launched a premium Canucks Fan Cave at the JW Marriott Hotel.

Some of the newly added promotions include a Special Game Day Menu at BC Kitchen, based in the casino. Those who present tickets after a game will be eligible fir 15% discount on food. This will be available throughout the duration of the season. Some of the items are the Powerplay Pretzels, Double Stack Burger, and Fin's Feast.

There will also be extended Happy Hour at the property's Centre Bar on Canucks game days to 10 p.m. During the Happy Hour, guests will ve able to enjoy a number of drink specials abs cocktails while cheering for their favorite team. Fans aee also invited to give the Canucks-branded slot machine and Blackjack Pit a try and test out their luck.

In its press, the resort invites all Canucks supporter to join it throughout the NHL season and celebrate the team's success, while creating some incredible memories and enjoying the location's fini dining and entertainment. There is something for everyone's liking, whether it is delicious food, just watching the game, or indulging in gambling. Making it the perfect game day destination.

Opening Top of the Line Golf Shop

Hockey is not the only sport that Parq Vancouver specializes in, as last year it opened a full-service retail store -Tee Golf. The premium shop launched on November 21, 2022 and it is the ideal location for golf enthusiasts who are looking into buying some of the best golfing equipment on the market.

The new Part-Tee Golf shop is now the second location of the Richmond-based brand. It is 1,313-square-foot and it is located next to the Honey Salt restaurant on the lobby level of the JW Marriott Hotel. It provides a wide range of golfing items, including clubs, shoes, accessories, and apparel from industry-leading brands such as Taylormade, Titleist, Honma, Majesty, Miura and many more.

Source: “Parq Vancouver Celebrates the Start of the 2023-24 Season as the Official Casino Resort of the Vancouver Canucks and Ultimate Game Day Destination” Foodology.ca, September 19, 2023

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AGCO Prohibits Athletes from Featuring in iGaming Ads - Casino Reports
AGCO Prohibits Athletes from Featuring in iGaming Ads – Casino Reports

The Alcohol and Commission certainly took its time but now it has finally made changes to the advertisements rules in the province after concerns about an influx of . In a press, the regulator announced that it has updated the Registrar's Standards for Internet Gaming to ban the use of athletes in such endorsements, in order to protect children.

Last year, Ontario introduced an open online gambling and betting market for private , which attracted numerous brands to the local iGaming scenery. However, this has led to an influx of ads some very prominent names from sports or celebrities, endorsing gambling platforms. This became a concern for adults and gambling experts in the province.

New Rules Go into Effect Next Year

said that the changes will prohibit athletes from featuring in iGaming ads, as a way of protecting children as many say they have been overexposed to such commercials. Standards have also been updated to restrict the use of celebrities who could be appealing to minors. According to the iGaming watchdog, the new restrictions will come into effect on February 28, 2024.

After the first year of iGaming, AGCO identified advertising and marketing approaches that use sports stars and celebrities with an appeal to minors, as potential harm to those under gambling age. That is why it introduced a proposal to ban such athletes from ads. The regulator heard input from a wide range of stakeholders, gambling experts, operators, broadcast and marketing groups, and the public.

After the consultation process, AGCO decided that the ban would help protect children and youth who can be susceptible to such marketing. Now, its updated standards prohibit provincially licensed operators from using active or retired athletes in gaming marketing and advertising. There is an exception, as such sports people can be used to promote responsible gambling practices.

Furthermore, the amended Standards for Internet Gaming limit the use of celebrities, role models, social media influencers, entertainers, cartoon figures and symbols that are implied to appeal to minors. These changes bolster the existing standard that, before the recent updates, banned the use of advertising and marketing content with a primary appeal to minors.

Market Still Brings Plenty of Benefits

Despite the possible risk of affecting younger demographics, Ontario's iGaming market delivers plenty of positives to the province. Recently, it was reported the first quarter of 2023-2024, or the period between April 1 through June 30, 2023, the province handled an online betting volume of CA$14 billion. This translated into CA$545 million in gaming revenue.

In addition to revenue, it was also revealed that the province's competitive online gambling model has also brought approximately 10,000 jobs, reported Deloitte. It provided more than 1,800 direct jobs with an average of CA$103,000 in annual compensation. the market generated another 7,900 indirect jobs which were created by suppliers to those gambling brands.

Source: “AGCO to ban athletes in Ontario's igaming advertising to protect minors” AGCO, August 29, 2023

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Pemerintah New York Memberikan Pembaruan Tentang Gambling Compact Talks - Laporan Kasino
Rochester Casino No Longer Part of Senecas Gaming Compact – Casino Reports

There have been some new developments in the discussions on a new between the Seneca Nation of Indians and New State's administration. When negotiations started in June 2023, it was reported that the new compact would include the launch of a in . However, it is now stated that such a plan has been abandoned.

The two sides only recently restarted compact talks but the leak about the possible Seneca Nation casino in Rochester was not well received from local communities. It was revealed that Gov. Kathy Hochul's office did not brief Rochester lawmakers about the provision. Then discussions paused, as the Governor did not receive authorization to enter a new compact agreement.

Casino Plan Now Scrapped

However, the find that the provision for a Rochester gaming establishment owned by the tribe has now been left out of the compact negotiations. It seems that after the announcement of the preliminary agreement between the two sides, they met again and decided to remove the gaming amenity project from the discussions due to the backlash.

In a statement, the tribe said that the agreement of a fair and equitable contract is its priority and that it should go for the state as well. Its statement read that recently New York presented an unreasonable, unfair, and unacceptable proposal that was far different than the position when negotiations were paused in June 2023. And it stated that this kind of game cannot resume.

The current compact expires in less than 120 days but the tribe remains optimistic that it will be enough time to strike a new agreement with the state. Also, once a is found, the Department of Interior needs to approve it. But if the two parties fail to reach a deal before December 9, 2023, it may be required for the state to introduce provisions for the tribe to keep the current contract going.

In addition to that, Gov. Hochul's office also provided a statement saying that the administration is currently working with the tribe to make sure that the agreement is fair. She also wants to make sure that the deal serves in the best interest of all parties and addresses the requirements of key stakeholders, and that her office is eager to find a suitable middle ground.

Criticized for the Negotiations

It should be also mentioned that a while back Gov. Hochul vowed that she would recuse herself from the negotiations due to a potential conflict of interest. This is due to the fact that her husband works for a rival firm of Seneca. Still, she became the subject of criticism by the tribe's President Rickey Armstrong Sr. for failing to communicate the discussion with relevant state lawmakers and Rochester officials.

Assemblymember Harry Bronson was among the lawmakers to express his concern about the lack of transparency in the late-night revelation of a potential casino in downtown Rochester. He shared that when he reached out to Hochul's office, he was told that a non-disclosure agreement prevented discussion, which he found inappropriate at the time.

Source: Benson, Nate “Rochester casino now off the table as compact negotiations continue between state and Seneca Nation” WGRZ, August 15, 2023

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Pollard Banknote Recaps Highlights from Q2 2023 - Casino Reports
Pollard Banknote Recaps Highlights from Q2 2023 – Casino Reports

On Friday, Manitoba-based Limited released its financial results and for the three and six months ending on June 30, 2023. In Q2, the leading lottery provider saw a record quarterly revenue of CA$130.3 million, which was a solid improvement in the same quarter last year. Meanwhile, for the six months period, the company realized sales of US$254.9 million.

Headquartered in Winnipeg, Manitoba, the company is one of the leading suppliers of instant tickets for over 25 years. It currently partners with over 60 lottery and charitable organizations across the globe. Providing them with various lottery solutions, including market research, validation expertise, algorithm development, lottery management services and more.

Q2 Results

In its report, the lottery supplier revealed that in Q2 of 2023, revenue hit CA$130.2 million, or 12.4% more than the results in Q2 of 2022. It also reported combined sales, including ones from NeoPollard, amounting to CA$148.8 million. Meanwhile, in Q2 income from operations reached CA$9.9 million while adjusted EBITDA accounted for CA$22.1 million.

In terms of iLottery operations, the company reported combined income before taxes of CA$11 million which is close to the result from the first quarter of 2023. But it was a solid improvement over the CA$7.5 million from 2Q22. The provider also disclosed higher instant ticket sales earnings in its lottery operations, in comparison to the first quarter of the whole of 2023.

First Six Months of 2023

During the six months that ended June 30, 2023, it clocked sales of CA$254.9 million, which was more than the CA$229.8 million from the same period last year. It also noted larger sales of ancillary lottery products and services by CA$7.6 million. Also, it clocked a higher instant ticket average selling price increase by CA$4.5 million, in comparison to the same six-month period of last year.

The Manitoban firm also indicated higher eGaming systems revenue, which increased by over CA$2.9 million on a year-on-year basis. This was mainly due to a higher number of eGaming machines incorporated into bars, bingo halls, and fraternal organizations. Additionally, it saw a higher average selling price of charitable games, which increase by CA$2.2 million in comparison to the first half of 2022.

Operational Highlights

In the first six months of the current calendar year, Pollard Banknote inked some interesting partnerships, which helped it expand its services. One of those was Atlas Experiences, LLC. Via the , the two parties partnered on the launch of a new multi-jurisdictional Frogger instant game program, allowing lotteries to offer a grand prize and access to an integrated marketing campaign.

Another important highlight from the six-month period was its inclusion in Manitoba's Top Employers for 2023 list. This is an annual competition run by Canada Inc. and recognizes employers in the province with progressive and forward-looking initiatives. The report is co-published by Mediacorp Canada Inc. and the Winnipeg Free Press.

Source: “Pollard Banknote 2nd Quarter Financial Results” PR Newswire, August 11, 2023

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Bragg Gaming Group Signs Major Deal with PokerStars - Casino Reports
Bragg Gaming Group Signs Major Deal with PokerStars – Casino Reports

This week is one of tremendous importance for Bragg Group's expansion, as the B2B iGaming supplier inked a lucrative partnership with Flutter Entertainment. As per the , the online provider will roll out its market-leading games with the gambling giant's brand . Thus, further continuing Bragg's global expansion plans.

Bragg Gaming Group is a content-oriented online gambling technology provider, delivering its first-in-class tech and games to online and land-based gaming . Its portfolio includes content from in-house brands such as Wild Streak Gaming, Spin Games, Atomic Slot Lab, Indigo Magic and ORYX Gaming, as well as from studios of the Powered by Bragg program.

International Exposure Deal

Through the arrangement, the leading iGaming aggregator and provider of games will debut its immense portfolio of iCasino titles to players of PokerStars. In Europe, the supplier expects to off the roll-out with the brand in the coming weeks in the UK, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Denmark, and Sweden. And later in New Jersey, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.

Once the integration is complete, players of the massive brand will gain access to fan-favourite titles from the distributor's Bragg Studios, including Fairy Dust and Mystery Mine from Atomic Slot Lab and Sea of Plenty from Indigo Magic. Also, the operator will see the launch of exclusive content from the Powered by Bragg portfolio, including the debut of the hit title, Devil's Lock.

President and COO of BGG, Lara Falzon, shared the company is pleased to with one of the most popular and global tier-one operators and key brands from Flutter Entertainment. She also believes that the provider's high-performing games will deliver unique experiences to players of the operators in the UK, Europe, and North America, and the firm will also gain global reach.

Furthermore, Ms. Falzon remarked that the agreement corresponds to the aggregator's strategy to team up with major strategic partners and believes the collaboration matches their growth endeavours. She and the company's team are looking forward to delivering their exclusive proprietary and third-party games to the operator in a number of jurisdictions across the globe.

Previous Partnerships

In the last year, Bragg Gaming Group inked some noteworthy partnerships to build on its operations and reach more audiences. One of those deals was with Microgame in Italy, which was revealed in April 2023. According to estimates from H2 Gambling Capital, the market is the second-largest on the continent and it would produce US$2.4 billion of iGaming revenue in 2023.

Rewinding to October 2022, the prominent B2B provider of iCasino content announced that it had joined forces with Sega Sammy Creation. The collaboration granted the provider exclusive rights to distribute a selection of SSC content portfolio to internet gaming operators in the U.S., U.K. and other regulated markets.

Source: “Bragg Gaming Begins Global iGaming Content Roll-Out with PokerStars” BusinessWire, August 8, 2023

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New York Issues Latest Mobile Sports Betting Numbers - Casino Reports
New York Issues Latest Mobile Sports Betting Numbers – Casino Reports

The summer continues to be a slow for sportsbooks in New , as a recent weekly report confirms another decrease in gross revenue for operators. For the last week of July 2023, the state's currently eight active operators took in a handle of US$246.5 million. But the increase in volume also saw a drop in gross proceeds for the week.

Since January 2022, the Empire State offers legal mobile betting to its residents, which is provided through a total of nine licensed gambling operators. They are FanDuel, DraftKings, Caesars Sportsbook, BetMGM, PointsBet, WynnBet, BetRivers, Resorts WorldBET, and Bally Bet. However, the last one has been inactive for over a month now.

Handle Increases but Proceeds Tumble

For the seven-day period that concluded on July 30, 2023, NYSGC reported that the eight operators saw an increase in betting activity, but still, it did not provide larger returns for sportsbooks. According to the regulator, they amassed US$246.5 million in wagering volume, which was 13% from the previous week's US$217.8 million and 38% higher from the same week last year.

However, the increase in wagers did not provide a bump in gross gaming proceeds for the week, as the US$24.2 million was 4% down in comparison to the prior week. In July, the eight sportsbooks collected more than US$200 million in handle and over US$20 million in revenue in all but one week. Also, for the said week, sportsbooks saw their hold decrease to 9.8%.

The week of July 30, 2023, was rather difficult for FanDuel, which captured US$95.2 million from the total wagering volume or 2.8% more than its previous week. However, the issue was its gross gaming earnings, as the gambling leader disclosed revenue of just US$4.9 million. This was its lowest in a week over a year and a hold of 5.14% was its deepest since April.

DraftKings performed better in terms of revenue as it reported US$13.3 million from a handle of US$94.5 million with a win rate of 14.1%. Caesars Sportsbook got the third-largest handle with US$26.5 million in a 9.6% hold to generate US$2.6 million in GGR. BetMGM clocked 11.5% in a hold and was in fourth place with a handle of US$16.1 million and proceeds of US$1.8 million.

The Situation around Bally Bet

The week ending on July 30, 2023, was the fifth in a row, where there were only eight active operators. This is due to the fact that in June, the operator announced that it will be suspending activities in New York. During the downtime, the company will integrate technology from Kambi Group and said it will take several weeks to resume operations in the state.

It seems only natural for Bally Bet to take some time off in the Empire State, as the operator did not enjoy the best results since its late launch into the mobile sports betting market. For instance, in the week of November 13, 2022, the company was the only one to suffer a loss for the week. Meanwhile, the nine operators recorded gross gaming revenue of US$31.3 million.

Source: Senkiw, Brad “New York Sportsbooks End July with Lower Weekly Profit on Higher Handle” Covers, August 4, 2023

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Betway Becomes Partner to Another Tennis Tournament - Casino Reports
Betway Becomes Partner to Another Tennis Tournament – Casino Reports

A few days ago, leading online betting and casino operator , reported that it has inked a collaboration with the National Bank Open presented by Rogers in Toronto. Via the , the tournament has been added to the brand's portfolio of sponsorships. Also, the agreement, makes the operator the official betting to the contest.

This year's edition of the ATP Master 1000 tournament has already started on August 5, 2023, and will run through August 13, 2023, at the Sobey Stadium. The facility has a capacity of 10,800, while the final will be hosted at Centre Court. The competition is set to bring plenty of excitement for fans and bettors with more world-class players coming to participate.

Agreeing Multi-Year Partnership

As per the terms of the multi-year agreement, the gambling operator will gain high-profile courtside visibility on the back wall throughout the Sobeys Stadium complex, during the eight days of the tournament. Fans will be able to watch World Number 1 Carlos Alcaraz play in Toronto for the first time, and his debut match will be on Wednesday, August 9, 2023.

Anthony Werkman, CEO of the gambling brand, welcomed National Bank Open to the operator's family of global tennis sponsorships. He added that the competition is one of rich history and is a fan-favourite for tennis enthusiasts, which is why the operator is very excited to partner with the event. The goal is for the brand to be the number one wagering brand in tennis.

Chief Commercial Officer for Tennis Canada, Rob Swann, commented that the organization is pleased to have teamed up with the operator and welcomes it to its exceptional of corporate partners. He added that Tennis Canada is now eager to work closed with the betting brand as part of the multi-year deal, as the two will deliver riveting events for fans.

The gambling operator is already one of the leading brands when it comes to tennis as the company has partnered with 12 tournaments worldwide on the ATP Tour. This includes Miami Open, Rio Open and Hamburg European Open. The brand is also prominent in other leagues and teams, such as the Premier League, La Liga, Cricket, and in the NBA and .

Available in

Ontarians who are interested in using Betway's online casino and sports betting services will be glad to learn that the operator is one of the provincially licensed brands in the province. Its entry into the province was official on August 1, 2022. After getting its approval from the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario, it transitioned from the grey sector to the legal one.

It should be mentioned that the province's regulated sector for iGaming is the first of its kind in Canada and it has been a attraction for players and operators. For Q1 of 2023-2024, the province generated a betting volume of CA$14 billion, which delivered CA$545 million in gaming gains. There were 46 operators online, running a total of 71 gaming websites.

Source: “Betway add National Bank Open to their tennis portfolio” Betway Group, August 4, 2023

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Ontario Membagikan Laporan iGaming untuk Q1 2023-24 - Laporan Kasino
Ontario Membagikan Laporan iGaming untuk Q1 2023-24 – Laporan Kasino

Minggu , merilis triwulanan terbarunya tentang pasar online provinsi yang terbuka dan kompetitif operator swasta. Untuk kuartal pertama 2023-2024, atau periode dari 1 April hingga 30 Juni 2023, provinsi tersebut menangani volume perjudian online sebesar CA$14 miliar. Ini menghasilkan pendapatan game sebesar C$545 juta.

Kerangka iGaming Ontario untuk operator pihak ketiga diluncurkan pada 4 April 2022 dan merupakan yang pertama dari jenisnya di Kanada. Dioperasikan oleh Komisi dan Alkohol Ontario dan anak perusahaannya iGaming Ontario, sektor ini bertujuan untuk menghilangkan operasi pasar abu-abu, membangun ruang permainan yang aman untuk Ontarian, dan mempertahankan sebagian pendapatan di dalam provinsi.

Q1 dalam angka

Tahun fiskal ini menandai tahun penuh pertama untuk pasar Ontario dan kuartal pertama dimulai dengan awal yang baik. Itu melaporkan CA $ 14 miliar dalam aktivitas perjudian online dan CA $ 545 juta dalam pendapatan game. Di akhir kuartal ada 46 operator online, yang menjalankan 71 situs web game. Ada 920 ribu akun pengguna aktif, yang memiliki pengeluaran bulanan rata-rata sebesar CA$197.

Untuk memecah angka lebih jauh, kami mengumpulkan total taruhan dari permainan kasino, termasuk slot, permainan meja langsung dan berbasis komputer, dan bingo peer-to-peer, yang menyumbang hampir CA$11,6 miliar atau 83% dari total taruhan. Ini diterjemahkan menjadi CA$392 juta atau 72% dari pendapatan game provinsi yang dilaporkan untuk kuartal pertama 2023-2024.

Sementara itu, pada triwulan pertama, bertaruh pada olahraga, eSports, dan taruhan baru menghasilkan CA$2 miliar atau 14% dari total penanganan game dan CA$138 juta atau 25% dari pendapatan. Kemudian poker peer-to-peer menyumbang CA$350 juta atau hanya 3% dari total taruhan dan CA$15 juta atau 3% dari pendapatan game.

Merayakan satu tahun iGaming

Awal tahun ini, Provinsi Ontario merayakan ulang tahun pertama pasar iGaming-nya. Selama 12 bulan pertama operasinya, sektor ini mencatat 35,6 miliar dolar Kanada dalam pegangan total permainan. Total volume berubah menjadi pendapatan sebesar CA$1,4 miliar. Sementara itu, akun pemain aktif memiliki pengeluaran bulanan rata-rata sebesar CA$70.

Sebuah survei menemukan bahwa di segmen kasino online, hampir setengah dari semua pemain lebih menyukai slot seperti yang mereka wakili 48% dari volume iCasino. Sementara itu, hampir sepertiga permainan kasino atau 32% dikuasai oleh permainan meja dengan dealer langsung. Kemudian sisanya atau 19% sisanya digunakan untuk permainan papan berbasis komputer.

Tapi bukan itu saja, karena sektor permainan digital yang diatur secara kebetulan memberikan manfaat lain seperti penciptaan lapangan kerja. KE Laporan Deloitte menemukan bahwa itu menyediakan lebih dari 1.800 pekerjaan langsung. Posisi tersebut rata-rata CA$103.000 dalam kompensasi tahunan, yaitu sekitar 41% lebih tinggi dari rata-rata Ontario sebesar CA$73.000. Selain itu, pasar menghasilkan 7.900 pekerjaan tidak langsung lainnya

Sumber: “iGaming Ontario FY2023-24 Laporan Kinerja Pasar Kuartal Pertama” iGaming Ontario19 Juli 2023

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Loto-Québec Mengatasi Situasi Pemogokan Kasino Saat Ini - Laporan Kasino
Loto-Québec Mengatasi Situasi Pemogokan Kasino Saat Ini – Laporan Kasino

Minggu , Loto-Québec mengeluarkan pernyataan yang sedang berlangsung di fasilitas perjudiannya di Quebec. Crown Corporation menyatakan ketidakpuasannya dengan serikat pekerja yang mewakili para pekerja, melanjutkan pemogokan umum tanpa batas waktu dalam di mana kesepakatan dapat ditemukan. Majikan telah menawarkan persyaratan yang cukup murah hati kepada karyawan.

Karyawan berserikat Quebec melakukan pemogokan untuk pertama kalinya selama lima hari selama Formula 1 Grand Prix Kanada di Montreal. Namun, segera setelah itu, anggota staf memilih pemogokan umum yang tidak terbatas. Mereka menuntut upah yang lebih baik agar sesuai dengan kenaikan biaya hidup di provinsi tersebut dan tambahan dolar Kanada per jam kerja.

pose mahkota

Dalam siaran persnya, agensi Corona menjelaskan bahwa serikat pekerja meminta gaji meningkat 24% dalam 3 tahunyang menurut Corona, akan lebih dari dua kali lipat dari apa yang diberikan pemberi kerja kepada karyawan lainnya pada tahun 2022. Selain itu, serikat pekerja juga ingin menggandakan bonus malam, malam, dan akhir pekan, selain kenaikan gaji.

Majikan berkomentar bahwa ia menawarkan kondisi kerja yang sangat baik kepada karyawannya dan menunjukkan bahwa gaji kasino jauh di atas pasar referensi dan lebih dari 20% untuk sebagian besar kategori pekerjaan. Dia juga ingat bahwa sebagian besar anggota CSN mendapat manfaat dari hasil keuangan yang baik dari program kompensasi insentif yang dapat mereka akses.

Selain itu, perusahaan menyatakan bahwa, seperti halnya organisasi lain, ini adalah masalah daya tarik dan retensi. Dia juga menyatakan bahwa terlepas dari masalah ini, kondisinya yang menarik memungkinkan lebih dari 300 orang untuk mulai bekerja di kasino mulai 1 April 2023, sambil juga mencatat bahwa hampir 30% karyawannya berusia 25 tahun atau lebih.

Akhirnya, korporasi melaporkan bahwa selama pemogokan, Lac-Leamy, Salon de jeux de Trois-Rivières dan Salon de jeux de Québec beroperasi selama pemogokan mereka. jam kerja reguler. Tetapi lokasi Montreal, Charlevoix, dan Mont-Tremblant beroperasi dengan jam yang dimodifikasi, sementara beberapa layanan dibatasi. Informasi lebih lanjut dapat ditemukan di situs web resmi mereka.

Menyusul dimulainya pemogokan umum, Riccardo Scopelleti, presiden pekerja keamanan Casino de Montréal-CSN, mengatakan negosiasi terhenti. Sementara itu, serikat pekerja berpendapat bahwa perusahaan Crown menghasilkan keuntungan luar biasa dan itu staf juga harus mendapat manfaat darinya. Dia mencatat bahwa manajemen memperoleh bonus lebih dari CA$650.000 pada tahun 2023.

Staf profesional menandatangani kontrak baru

Seperti disebutkan, pada tahun 2022, Loto-Québec dapat menyetujui kesepakatan bersama baru dengan staf profesionalnya. Namun, tak lama setelah protes mereka, majikan mengajukan persyaratan yang diterima oleh 96% dari serikat pekerja profesional. Para karyawan kemudian kembali ke posisi mereka, mengizinkan agensi Crown untuk melanjutkan layanan normal.

Sumber: “Pemogokan oleh karyawan yang berafiliasi dengan CSN di kasino: Tuntutan serikat pekerja yang luar biasa” Loto-Québec5 Juli 2023

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