BCLC Predicts Surge in Lotto 6/49 Ticket Sales - Casino Reports
BCLC Predicts Surge in Lotto 6/49 Ticket Sales – Casino Reports

British Columbia Lottery Corporation is expected to have higher lottery activity as the jackpot for 6/49 reached a whopping CA$68 million. The provider of lottery products said that it projects 20% higher sales in the game for the record draw on September 27, 2023, in comparison to other mega-sized jackpots over the recent couple of years.

Lotto 6/49 Gold Ball draw is guaranteed to find a winner, as thirty balls – 29 white and one gold are put in the drawing. If the gold bold is randomly selected, one ticket sold for that draw will win CA$10,000,000. If a white ball is chosen, the winner gets CA$1 million and the Gold Ball jackpot increases by CA$2 million for the next draw. The next draw then has 28 white and one gold.

Historic Draw

Wednesday's September 27, 2023 draw of the nationwide Lotto 6/49 marked the first time since the introduction of the format that all 29 white balls have been drawn before the gold one. Therefore, the next round of the game is guaranteed to feature a maximum Gold Ball jackpot of CA$68 million. The odds of winning it depend on the total number of tickets purchased across Canada.

A spokesperson for the said that the Crown corporation does not keep real-time statistics on how many tickets it has sold for Wednesday's draw so far. But even if it did, the exact figures will not be issued to the to the business interests. The representative explained that the Crown sees an increase in ticket sales when the jackpots reach CA$50 million or higher.

For the occasion of the record-setting main prize, BCLC celebrated the draw with another round of its “Feeling Golder” promotion. It kicked off at noon on Wednesday, and it saw the regulator giving away 6,800 free CA$3 Lotto 6/49 tickets to individuals who wore visibly gold clothing or accessories at BCLC mall lottery kiosks. This does not apply to everyday jewelry.

Canadians Cash Out Lotto 6/49 Payouts

The new and improved version of Lotto 6/49 was officially implanted in September 2022, but this has not stopped Canadians from already cashing out on some amazing prizes from it. The first-ever Gold Ball jackpot in the game was won by the Quebecer – Jean-Marc Poirier. He landed a prize worth a hefty CA$36 million from the October 29, 2022 draw of the popular lottery offering.

Fast-forwarding to February 2023, when the Lottery and Gaming Corporation reported that three winners with two winning tickets will share a CA$5,000,000 jackpot from the New 's Eve draw. The first winning ticket belongs to Debra and Kenneth Skitch from Bowmanville and they have been playing the lottery for over 40 years.

Then the second eligible ticket for the award came from New Tecumseh with the 54-year-old Shane King as the owner of the ticket. Mr. King revealed that he has been playing the lottery for over 10 years now, and shared that his emotion took over once he realized that he is the winner of a sizeable CA$2.5 million windfall from Lotto 6/49.

Source: Holliday, Ian “BCLC expecting 20% increase in ticket sales for record Lotto 6/49 jackpot” CTV News , September 27, 2023

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Great Canadian Rewards Registration is Now Available Online in Ontario - Casino Reports
Great Canadian Rewards Registration is Now Available Online in Ontario – Casino Reports

This week, Entertainment enhanced its offerings for its patrons, as it debuted Great Canadian in the province. The land-based casino operator's program is now the first and entertainment rewards program launched in Ontario, which offers its users a fully digitalized experience.

Established back in 1982, Great Canadian Entertainment is a leading operator of brick-and-mortar gaming locations in Canada with a portfolio of 25 gaming, entertainment, and hospitality properties. They are based in Ontario, British Columbia, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia. Its gaming locations welcome more than 20 million visitors every .

Perks Available Online

Great Canadian Rewards program has enjoyed quite the success in Ontario connecting the operator's 12 premium gaming destinations in the province. This includes its newest Great Canadian Casino Resort Toronto and Pickering Casino Resort. It is free to join and allows members access to a series of exclusive perks when they use the Great Canadian Rewards card.

Some of its perks include generous free play rewards which are gained by playing at the company's casinos. There are also complimentary and discounted dining offers at its restaurants. Members can also utilize discounts on hotel stays at its Pickering Casino Resort, Great Blue Heron Casino & Hotel, and the brand-new Great Canadian Casino Resort Toronto.

Upon signing up for the loyalty program, users will be required to digitally verify their identity using the Interac® document verification service and verify information such as name and date of birth. The registration can be done through a mobile phone, hence, making it easier for patrons to join the program for free and take advantage of its exclusive perks.

The company reminds that along with the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation, it remains committed to promoting responsible play. Its Ontario locations come with a PlaySmart Centre which offers players gambling knowledge and tools to help them create and maintain positive gambling habits, along with other responsible playing tools for players.

More from Great Canadian Entertainment

Over the last few , the operator of land-based gaming establishments made some important announcements. One of those was a collaboration with the world-renowned Chef Gordon Ramsey. As per the partnership, the company will launch a Gordan Ramsay Burger at Hard Rock Casino and a Gordon Ramsey Steak next year at River Rock Casino Resort.

In addition to that, recently, the gambling conglomerate released the list of the recipients of its 2024 PROUD Scholarship. The money is set to help many families prepare for school, as sometimes the process can be expensive as there are some hefty tuition fees and other school-related expenses. The program awards CA$1,500 scholarships to ten post-secondary students

Source: “Great Canadian Entertainment Announces Great Canadian Rewards, First Gaming and Entertainment Rewards Program in Ontario with Digitized and Secure Identity Verification” PR Newswire, September 27, 2023

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Quebec Casino Employees End Strikes After Months - Casino Reports
Quebec Casino Employees End Strikes After Months – Casino Reports

Loto-Québec has most recently reported that at its gambling locations across will be finally coming to an end. The Crown corporation revealed that CSN-affiliated employees from its four casinos and gambling platform have agreed to end the strikes. The staff has opted to accept the recommendation made by the Ministère du Travail conciliator.

Strikes in Gatineau, Montreal, Charlevoix Mont-Tremblant and the Crown agency's online gambling platform began in the middle of June 2023. They demanded better pay to match the rapidly increasing cost of living in the country. However, for a while, the employer refused to match their request as it deemed the demands too steep.

Issue Now Resolved

It was recently reported that the workers of the four casinos and the online platform have voted 73% in favour of accepting a recommendation of the conciliator that will end the labour dispute. Now, approximately 1,700 unionized employees will gain a salary increase of 16% over six years, integrating 2% of the bonus and a lump sum of CA$1,250 to their salary.

Intercasinos spokesperson and president of the Montreal security department, Riccardo Scopelleti. commented that during the strikes, workers from all locations stood united. He is now proud to see the bonds of solidarity created between employees. Loto-Québec is also pleased to see the conflict end and find a responsible agreement with its employees.

The recommendation of the chief conciliator of the Ministry of Labour was filed to the general assemblies of the numerous protesting units. Voting was quick and ended on Monday, September 25, 2023. It also marked the first time that the nine teams of Intercasinos negotiated together. This will boost their relationship, said Vice-President of the FEESP–CSN, Frédéric Brun

Lastly, Loto-Québec commented that staff members will return to their positions over the coming weeks for a gradual resumption of its gambling activities. The Crown also advised customers to visit each of the casino's websites, where they can find the opening and business hours of each property and what services are available to patrons.

Regulator Pulls the Plug on Mini-Casino

Earlier this , the Crown announced its intentions to nearly 300 video lottery machines at the former Taverne 1909 restaurant in downtown Montreal. However, the project was recently opposed by Montreal Health (DRSP), which issued a 40-page report detailing the potential harms related to the opening of a casino right next to the home of the Montreal Canadiens.

Shortly after DRSP's report was made public, Loto-Québec announced its decision to abandon the project for the mini-casino. It shared that it respects the opinion of the public health organization, but still believes the project is a missed opportunity. t claims that it has suggested a responsible project to reduce their accessibility and remove 600 VLTs in bars in disadvantaged areas on the island of Montréal.

Source: “CSN-affiliated employees agree to end strike” Loto-Québec, September 26, 2023

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Ontario Operators Seek Clarity on iGaming Ads Changes - Casino Reports
Ontario Operators Seek Clarity on iGaming Ads Changes – Casino Reports

Not long ago, the Alcohol and Commission of made some significant changes to its iGaming advertising and marketing standards. The online gambling watchdog banned the use of active and retired athletes in . However, operators online in the province's sector have recently called for clarification of the new marketing standards.

In April 2022, Ontario became the first territory to privatize its online gambling market, which saw the licensing and launch of numerous third-party operators in the sector. The market is overseen by AGCO which has already fined several registered operators and suppliers for breaching the province's Standards for Internet Gaming.

Stakeholders Need Clarifications

Kindred 's Amanda Brewer has recently stated that stakeholders are in a bit of confusion as to what defines an athlete or a celebrity. She added that no operator had any appetite for the visit in the early days of the market launch when the inducement language was far from clear and operators got served fined for breaching inducement rules.

The iGaming watchdog introduced its updated standards on advertising at the end of August 2023, hence banning stars from featuring in gambling endorsements. However, those rules will go into effect on February 28, 2024. This is another transitional period for the regulator who previously gave private brands a deadline to apply for a license in the province.

Ms. Brewer said that from an integrity perspective, the changes to ads make sense, but she believes that it does not address of the volume of ads. She commented that if the problem is how many ads are aired, and that the problem last was mainly with the , then, the topic needs to be taken up with the NHL and the broadcasters.

Paul Burns, the president of the Canadian Gaming Association is also wondering what is the difference between a celebrity and a retired athlete, and what are the metrics to determine what appeals to minors. The CGA has contacted the AGCO and has requested to be part of the process for developing the details of the new advertising regulations.

”Too Little Too Late”

However, changes to the iGaming advertising have come too late according to Noah Vineberg, who completed Ontario's sole residential treatment program for problem gambling. He believes the update in gaming ads would have made an impact if the province had listened to all the advice of other countries and everything going into it had not been allowed.

Diana Gabriele, a certified counsellor at the CPGDD at Hotel-Dieu Grace Healthcare, remarked gaming ads are quite problematic for most people as in recent years they have become quite common in sports broadcasts. She claimed the ban on sports stars is a good first step, as prior to the past six months or so, she has seen this proliferation of gaming ads in her life.

Source: R. Dorson, Jill “Ontario Stakeholders Want on Latest Advertising and Marketing Updates” SportsHandle, September 26, 2023

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Single-Event Betting Could Be an Issue for Horse Racing - Casino Reports
Single-Event Betting Could Be an Issue for Horse Racing – Casino Reports

Single-event wagering's decriminalization has had a major impact on the gambling industry, however, government documents indicate that it could be an issue for horse . These findings suggest that the introduction has arrived at a financially challenging time for the sector and the Canadian Pari-Mutuel Agency, which oversees betting on horse racing.

It should be explained, that fixed-odd betting on sports is not allowed in the country, but the pari-mutuel system, including its shifting odds and takeouts for taxes and industry finding, is legal. The agency is funded with 0.8% on each pari-mutuel bet placed on horse racing. Therefore, its business model is heavily reliant on gambling activity which has been in decline.

Effects Are Yet to be Determined

CPMA is an agency that operates within Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, and the latter commented that impacts from the legalization of single-event wagering are not determined yet. AAFC explained it was difficult to tell the effect of single-game wagers on pari-mutuel horse racing. It mentioned that in the last FY, betting volume was higher than expected, but this is lower than projected.

In the meantime, CPMA relies on money from betting on horse events to fund itself and has fixed costs to cover even as its gambling-originated revenue is going down. The latest findings discovered that the agency's revenues dropped by an average of 2.7% a year between 2002 and 2020, even before the sector was struck by the unprecedented situation of March 2020.

CPMA's latest fiscal reports for the year ended on March 31, 2022, display that the agency got around CA$8.1 million in revenue via pari-mutuel levy from a handle of slightly above CA$1 billion. However, provinces do not contribute an equal amount of revenue to the agency as around 70% of the levy comes from Ontario, which is currently the only province with a legal market.

Currently, Woodbine Entertainment is the only holder of a CPMA permit in Ontario but recently, the operator inked a partnership to its pari-mutuel wagering product with the private sportsbook bet365. Prior to that its brands HPIbet and Dark Horse app were the only digital platforms to offer betting on its horse racing product. More are expected to join in the future.

However, Woodbine Entertainment's CEO Michael Copeland commented it is safe to assume that the introduction of single-event betting, with excluded horse racing, would hurt pari-mutuel wagering. He said that the will have a good sense of the launch of pari-mutuel on private sportsbooks from six months to a year of running it and then it will asses its impact.

Setting New King's Plate Wagering Volume

Woodbine Entertainment was able to debut its pari-mutuel model with bet365 just in time for this year's King's Plate which is one of the biggest horse racing events on the continent. This year's running and its card as a whole on August 20, 2023, generated the largest handle in the history of Woodbine Racetrack. With a handle of CA$18,127,049.67, the track has broken its previous record from the 2019 edition.

Source: Zochodne, Geoff “Documents Show Sports Betting-Related Uncertainty for Canada's Horse Racing Sector” Covers, September 25, 2023

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Soloviev Group Presents Public Art Space Renderings - Casino Reports
Soloviev Group Presents Public Art Space Renderings – Casino Reports

has set its sights on an integrated resort on Manhattan's East Side, and the company has recently pitched a concept for a Light Up East Side project. Visuals brought to life the plans to have a public art installation as part of the resort. For its bid, the company plans to build the project on six-acre land between 38th and 41st streets.

New York State is in the process of awarding three full-scale commercial gaming licenses for the downstate region. In January 2023, the Gaming Facility Location Board kicked off Request for Applications allowing interested parties to submit their proposals for review. Soloviev Group is one of those companies which first shared its plans in November last .

Illuminating East of Manhattan

Earlier this year, Soloviev announced that for its New York City casino proposal, it has selected Mohegan Gaming, which is a gambling and hospitality unit run by the Mohegan Tribe in Connecticut. Titled ‘Freedom Plaza' the resort will feature a gambling venue, a 1,000-room hotel, two residential towers, and a Ferris wheel which will have a view of the East River.

In an attempt to sweeten its proposal and convince lawmakers to select it for a license, the company has recently unveiled of a public art installation as part of the gaming resort. For the effort, Soloviev has teamed up with globally recognized artist Bruce Munro, who is popular for his immersive site-specific installations, to design the ‘Field of Light.'

One of the aims of the art installation is to pay tribute to New York's enduring spirit but to also present meaningful opportunities for community engagement and educational programming. According to the artist, the art will represent the boundless imagination and freedom to dream with the hope to inspire both young and old take something from it and pass it on to others.

Field of Light is set to include approximately 17,000 low-light, fibre-optic stemmed spheres that will provide a “painted landscape framed by the city's iconic skyline and the East River waterfront.” It will open this winter and it is projected to cost around US$1.5 million, with the company funding the project via The Soloviev Foundation.

Competition is Fierce

However, it would be quite a difficult task for the company to get its hands on one of the three licenses. This is due to Resort World New York City and Empire City Casino being considered frontrunners. The two are already offering gambling options, and their expansion to full-scale gaming amenities will bring revenue quicker to the state. They also have plenty of community support.

With the two gaming establishments being almost nailed on for the two licenses, this essentially leaves the rest fighting for just one. In the meantime, experts such as Wells Fargo analyst Daniel Politzer believe Las Vegas Sands is also a favourite. The company intends to an integrated casino resort in Nassau County in Long Island if it gets a permit.

Source: O'Connor, Devin “Soloviev Group Ready to Light Up East Side of Manhattan, Where It Hopes to Build Casino” Casino.org, September 25, 2023

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Cascades Casino Delta Marks One Year Since Launch - Casino Reports
Cascades Casino Delta Marks One Year Since Launch – Casino Reports

This week is one of importance to Gateway Casinos & Entertainment, which will celebrate a since its Cascades Casino Delta kicked off operations in British Columbia. The first anniversary will be on September 29, 2023, and in its first 12 , the establishment has had a positive benefit to the city, proving a hotspot for gambling, dining, and entertainment.

Launched on September 29, 2022, located at located on 6005, BC-17A. I, Cascades Casino Delta boasts a premium gaming floor of 500 slots, 18 table games and stadium-like gaming. In addition to top-notch gambling, it also offers the company's signature MATCH Eatery & House and the Buffet amenities. It cost approximately CA$99.3 million to create and launch.

Celebrating with a Plethora of Promotions

In order to celebrate its first year in business the gambling destination in Delta will host a series of events from this week through October 27, 2023. Patrons can look forward to Senior Monday, where guests aged above 65 will receive a 25% discount on food all day and a chance to win CA$1,500 slot free play. Tuesdays and Fridays will feature draws for up to CA$888.

On Wednesdays and Sundays, the casino will organize Run for the Money allowing participants to win up to CA$6,000, while on Thursdays there will be Harvest Moon Riches dollar slot draws for up to CA$1,888. In addition to that, Saturdays will come with a Fall Fortunes draw which will allow guests to win up to CA$1,500 in Free Play credits.

The one-year anniversary celebration is scheduled for September 29 from 6 to 11 p.m. From 6 to 9 p.m., slots and tables will offer hot seat draws for CA$100 free play. For the occasion, of the gaming property also selected The Delta Community Foundation as the official beneficiary of the GatewayGIVES program, donating CA$1,000 to the organization.

When the casino opened, British Columbia Lottery Corporation's Board Chair Greg Moore commented that the corporation was excited to launch the facility with the help of the gaming leader, Gateway Casinos & Entertainment. He expects that the casino will provide an innovative gaming experience and access to industry-leading player health resources for patrons.

Recapping the First 12 Months

Since the launch of the premium gambling and entertainment venue, it has welcomed more than 627,688 guests to its premises. It has hosted 122 meetings and events at its contention and has awarded CA$234,955 in cash and bonus prizes via promotions. In that time, it also sold 41,766 pints of beer at its Summit Bar and Match Eatery & Public House.

The first 12 months of business also saw unionized workers of the gaming resort get their first collective agreement. This happened in May this year when Unifor Local 114 successfully negotiated a deal with the employer. As per terms of the new agreement which will apply for three years, wages will be increased by 9% and also add premiums for graveyard shifts.

Source: “Cascades Casino Delta celebrates one-year anniversary” Delta Optimist, September 24, 2023

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CFL Commissioner Calls for Online Sports Betting Market in Quebec - Casino Reports
CFL Commissioner Calls for Online Sports Betting Market in Quebec – Casino Reports

Canadian Football League's commission is urging Quebec lawmakers to look into a competitive market for sports sites. Randy Ambrosie believes that a sector similar to 's would create a ‘level playing field' and protect the province's unique culture. Currently, the only regulated online sports wagering is provided by Loto-Québec.

Last week, the CFL along with other major leagues, including Major League Soccer and the National Basketball Association once again urged to province to introduce its own private market for online sports betting. The idea is to have the province introduce an iGaming framework similar to the one in Ontario where numerous private and suppliers currently operate in.

CFL's Stance

In a recent statement, Mr. Ambrosie shared the CFL has a deep appreciation for the unique history and culture of the La Belle province. He mentioned that the league is aware of sports' crucial role in the province, including CFL's Montreal Alouettes brand. That is why CFL is joining other leagues in urging the province to fully explore the benefits of a regulated iGaming sector.

Mr. Ambrosie explained that the new market would not operate from the shadows and would protect the integrity of competition while also promoting responsible gambling. In his words, this would enable a ‘level playing field' across the North American market. It would also be an opportunity for the province to protect and bolster its culture and benefit the local population.

Earlier this year, the province saw the development of the Québec Online Coalition consisting of leading online betting brands such as Bet99, DraftKings, Flutter (parent company of FanDuel), Entain (part-owner of BetMGM), Betway, and BetRivers-owner Rush Street Interactive. These operators are up and running in leading legal markets and call for Quebec to a similar approach.

Quebec is the second largest province in terms of population in the country and it would be on par with some of the U.S. largest markets if introduced a regulated iGaming sector for private operators. That is why leading brands are interested in it. However, it remains unclear whether that the province's lawmakers would be convinced by the latest efforts.

Meanwhile, Ontario Reaps the

While Quebec lawmakers are still not firm on establishing a private sector for online gaming and sports betting, Ontario is reaping the rewards from it. Launched in April 2022, the province disclosed CA$35.6 billion in handled wagers which translated into CA$1.4 billion in revenue for the first 12 . It placed the province in the top five markets on the continent.

As per provincial data, in the first year of legal iGaming, active player accounts spend around CA$70 every month. Attorney General Doug Downey said the iGaming market has successfully replaced the pre-existing unregulated one and made the jurisdiction a leader in the industry. He added that the government is pleased with the strong, responsible, and competitive model.

Source: Zochodne, Geoff “CFL: Competitive Sports Betting Market in Quebec Could Create ‘Level Playing Field,' Protect Culture” Covers, September 20, 2023

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CFL Brings 888 on Board as Official Gaming Partner - Casino Reports
CFL Brings 888 on Board as Official Gaming Partner – Casino Reports

The Football League has signed another important strategic partnership with a gambling operator. This time, the league has joined forces with 888, making it its latest authorized operator and advertising in Ontario. A highlight of the collaboration is the 888 Rivalry Games, which will be marquee matchups with some of the league's biggest games.

Established back in 1997, 888 utilizes proprietary technology and unique content to provide a player-centric experience across its leading , Sports and Poker verticals. As an officially authorized gaming operator to the league, 888casino.ca will be also allowed to display advertisements on Ontario grounds, via TV broadcasts and on CFL's digital channels.

Enhancing Experience for Fans

Roi Nadler, Head of Canada at the betting operator commented their brand and the CFL are a perfect fit. He explained that via top-quality, entertaining and thrilling titles, the operator is devoted to providing a one-of-a-kind experience. Mr. Nadler said that all of that ensures that football fans will be able to find ways to keep the action going, even after games have ended.

On top of delivering a unique gaming experience, the operator will also a fall slate of the CFL's premium contests as the progresses toward the postseason and the Grey Cup championship. Its 888 Rivalry Games will include every East Division team facing playoff berths and seeding on the line, including the final game of the regular season between the Toronto Argonauts and the Ottawa Redblacks.

Tyler Mazereeuw, Chief Commercial Officer of the CFL said that the league's unique brand of fast and entertaining football will rise to new heights in the fall. He remarked that the changing colours of the leaves will bring more breath-taking football action and even larger stakes on the fields. He believes the partnership will provide another way for fans to enjoy the sport.

Just like all of its partners, the operator also respects the league's high standards for game integrity and responsible gambling. CFL's Match Manipulation Policy helps the league nine member clubs protect against fears of competition manipulation. Previously, the league and the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sports launched an course to educate players and personnel on the policy.

Football fans who are above the legal iGaming age of 19 or older, can place their bets on the CFL via 888sport.ca and the 888 mobile apps. The operator was licensed to join the province's regulated sector in March 2022. Its 888 Rivalry Games will be hosted on September 23 – Hamilton at Toronto, September 30 – Montreal at Ottawa, October 14 – Ottawa at Toronto, and October 28 – Toronto at Ottawa.

Partnering with FanDuel

Previously, CFL also partnered with Flutter Entertainment's FanDuel. The collaboration was inked and announced this June, and the operator became the first authorized gambling operator and an official sportsbook partner to the league. As per the agreement, FanDuel now offers a premium CFL betting experience including various in-game player props.

Source: “888 Signs on as an Official Authorized Gaming Operator of the CFL” CFL, September 21, 2023

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Parq Vancouver Marks Start of NHL Season with Special Promos - Casino Reports
Parq Vancouver Marks Start of NHL Season with Special Promos – Casino Reports

The newest has arrived and is using the occasion to introduce hockey-themed promotions. As the official casino resort to the Vancouver Canucks, the gambling location is launching numerous promos to bring fans closer together and make its amenities the ultimate destination for the many hockey enthusiasts.

Located just 5 minutes away from the Rogers Arena in downtown Vancouver at 39 Smithe St, the gambling resort is a premier entertainment destination offering world-class gambling and hospitality amenities. It also boasts numerous premium restaurants and bars, making it an attractive location for all kinds of purposes and occasions.

Bolsteing Experience for Hockey Fans

With the of the current NHL season, Parq Vancouver will add promotions to enhance fan experience. It should be mentioned that the casino became official gambling partner to the Vancouver Canucks in October last year. For the occasion, the destination launched a premium Canucks Fan Cave at the JW Marriott Hotel.

Some of the newly added promotions include a Special Game Day Menu at BC Kitchen, based in the casino. Those who present tickets after a game will be eligible fir 15% discount on food. This will be available throughout the duration of the season. Some of the items are the Powerplay Pretzels, Double Stack Burger, and Fin's Feast.

There will also be extended Happy Hour at the property's Centre Bar on Canucks game days to 10 p.m. During the Happy Hour, guests will ve able to enjoy a number of drink specials abs cocktails while cheering for their favorite team. Fans aee also invited to give the Canucks-branded slot machine and Blackjack Pit a try and test out their luck.

In its press, the resort invites all Canucks supporter to join it throughout the NHL season and celebrate the team's success, while creating some incredible memories and enjoying the location's fini dining and entertainment. There is something for everyone's liking, whether it is delicious food, just watching the game, or indulging in gambling. Making it the perfect game day destination.

Opening Top of the Line Golf Shop

Hockey is not the only sport that Parq Vancouver specializes in, as last year it opened a full-service retail store Part-Tee Golf. The premium shop launched on November 21, 2022 and it is the ideal location for golf enthusiasts who are looking into buying some of the best golfing equipment on the .

The new Part-Tee Golf shop is now the second location of the Richmond-based brand. It is 1,313-square-foot and it is located next to the Honey Salt restaurant on the lobby level of the JW Marriott Hotel. It provides a wide range of golfing items, including clubs, shoes, accessories, and apparel from industry-leading brands such as Taylormade, Titleist, Honma, Majesty, Miura and many more.

Source: “Parq Vancouver Celebrates the Start of the 2023-24 Season as the Official Casino Resort of the Vancouver Canucks and Ultimate Game Day Destination” Foodology.ca, September 19, 2023

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