Ontario Operators Seek Clarity on iGaming Ads Changes - Casino Reports
Ontario Operators Seek Clarity on iGaming Ads Changes – Casino Reports

Not long ago, the Alcohol and Commission of made some significant changes to its and marketing standards. The gambling watchdog banned the use of active and retired athletes in ads. However, online in the province's sector have recently called for clarification of the new marketing standards.

In April 2022, Ontario became the first Canadian territory to privatize its online gambling market, which saw the licensing and of numerous third-party operators in the sector. The market is overseen by AGCO which has already fined several registered operators and suppliers for breaching the province's Standards for Internet Gaming.

Stakeholders Need Clarifications

Kindred Group's Amanda Brewer has recently stated that stakeholders are in a bit of confusion as to what defines an athlete or a celebrity. She added that no operator had any appetite for the visit in the early days of the market launch when the inducement language was far from clear and operators got served fined for breaching inducement rules.

The iGaming watchdog introduced its updated standards on advertising at the end of August 2023, hence banning sports stars from featuring in gambling endorsements. However, those rules will go into effect on February 28, 2024. This is another transitional period for the regulator who previously gave private brands a deadline to apply for a license in the province.

Ms. Brewer said that from an integrity perspective, the changes to ads make sense, but she believes that it does not address of the volume of ads. She commented that if the problem is how many ads are aired, and that the problem last year was mainly with the NHL, then, the topic needs to be taken up with the NHL and the broadcasters.

Paul Burns, the president of the Canadian Gaming Association is also wondering what is the difference between a celebrity and a retired athlete, and what are the metrics to determine what appeals to minors. The CGA has contacted the AGCO and has requested to be part of the process for developing the details of the new advertising regulations.

”Too Little Too

However, changes to the iGaming advertising have come too late according to Noah Vineberg, who completed Ontario's sole residential treatment program for problem gambling. He believes the update in gaming ads would have made an impact if the province had listened to all the advice of other countries and everything going into it had not been allowed.

Diana Gabriele, a certified counsellor at the CPGDD at Hotel-Dieu Grace Healthcare, remarked gaming ads are quite problematic for most people as in recent years they have become quite common in sports broadcasts. She claimed the ban on sports stars is a good first step, as prior to the past six months or so, she has seen this proliferation of gaming ads in her life.

Source: R. Dorson, Jill “Ontario Stakeholders Want on Latest Advertising and Marketing Updates” SportsHandle, September 26, 2023

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Two Ontario Communities Honour OLG in Special Event - Casino Reports
Two Ontario Communities Honour OLG in Special Event – Casino Reports

Recently, the Town of Gananoque and the Township of Leeds and the Thousand hosted an invitation-only garden party in Town Hall Square, Gananoque to thank the Lottery and Corporation for its funding. The took place on September 13, 2023, and its aim was to thank the Crown for its annual financial help to the two .

Every year shares a percentage of its gambling revenue with communities which are hosts to its gaming locations across Ontario. The two municipalities are currently benefiting from being host to the Crown's Shorelines Thousand Islands located at 380 ON-2, Gananoque, ON K7G 2V4. The casino is owned by OLG but it is operated by Great Canadian Entertainment.

Expressing Gratitude

For this year, OLG has provided CA$1,145,047 each to a total of CA$2,290,094. The funds will be used to support local programs and projects. The special appreciation garden party was hosted at Gananoque's Town Hall Square on September 13, 2023. It was catered by Wendy's Country Market and included a wide selection of foods from the local area.

At the event, Town Crier Brian Mabee commented that the two communities want to celebrate the continued contributions from OLG and Great Canadian Entertainment to both the Town of Gananoque and the Township of Leeds and the Thousand Islands. He explained that the gambling revenue helps the municipalities with the bills and the communities are thankful for it.

Furthermore, Mr. Mabee said that as the fiscal dollars must stretch, the monetary contribution is once again of help to both communities to meet the expanding needs to support current and future endeavours. The event featured various guests including local officials, MPPs, representatives of the OLG, and ones from nearby community groups and programs.

Some of the speakers from the party include MP Michael Barrett, Leeds-Grenville-Thousand Islands and Rideau Lakes; MPP Steve Clark, Leeds-Grenville-Thousand Islands and Rideau Lakes; Gananoque Mayor John Beddows; TLTI Mayor Corinna Smith-Gatcke; and Kathleen Devin, Senior Municipal Relations Manager at the OLG. Representatives of the Gananoque Skating Club, The Gananoque Royals, the Rotary Club, the Thousand Islands Association and more were also present.

Casino Money Proves Vital for Communities

Over the years, funds delivered from OLG's gambling operations have funded some important projects across Ontario communities and continue to do so to this day. For instance, over CA$1.6 million from Shorelines Casino Peterborough was used for the new Quaker Foods City Square in downtown Peterborough, splash pads, as well as the city's trails and cycling projects.

In the meantime, Playtime Casino Wasaga Beach, which is another gaming amenity in Ontario, will aid with the creation of a new community health centre and after-hours clinic. The much-needed facilities will come with a fully equipped, turnkey, medical office. Additionally, a plan to operate the new medical facility is being developed with the Georgian Bay Family Health Organization.

Source: Payette, Lorraine “OLG Appreciation Garden Party at Town Hall Park – Gananoque” Gananoque Reporter, September 18, 2023

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Recovering Bettor Criticizes Ontario for Late Protection Attempts - Casino Reports
Recovering Bettor Criticizes Ontario for Late Protection Attempts – Casino Reports

Noah Vineberg, who completed 's sole residential treatment program for problem gambling has recently criticized the province for its late to mitigate addictions. Just recently, the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario banned the use of athletes in iGaming , but Mr. Vineberg says those efforts arrive too late.

Five years ago, Mr. Vineberg graduated from the Residential Treatment Program at Windsor's Centre for Problem Gambling and Digital Dependency and now he serves as a guest speaker for the very same program. There he shares experiences to try and help others facing such gambling-related . However, he is skeptical about the recent ad changes in the province.

Kids are Affected Too

In a recent interview, he shared that the biggest surprise for him was to see some clients enrolling in the program being around the age of his son. He noted that there are children out there, aged 14 to 15, who play on apps such as FanDuel, DraftKings, and more. They use either their parents' accounts or have someone else help them in creating their own and playing fantasy sports.

Diana Gabriele, a certified counsellor at the CPGDD at Hotel-Dieu Grace Healthcare, remarked gaming ads are quite problematic for most people as in recent years they have become quite common in sports broadcasts. She claimed the ban on sports stars is a good first step, as prior to the past six months or so, she has seen this proliferation of gaming ads in her life.

However, Vineberg argues that the changes have come too late. He believes the update in gaming ads would have made an impact if the province had listened to all the advice of other countries and everything going into it had not been allowed. The gambling addict also noted that the province should not wait to enact the new rules until February 28, 2024.

Windsor's Centre for Problem Gambling and Digital Dependency staff revealed that the number of people looking for help has doubled since the start of the unprecedented situation. The organization accepts clients to stay 24/7 for three weeks in a row and Ms. Gabriele is the only centre in Ontario to offer weeks of overnight stays to aid clients in battling addictions.

She also provided some advice on people struggling with iGaming addiction. She urged them to text a loved one whenever they have the need to indulge in internet gambling. This way their close one will be able to distract them from the need. There is also the possibility of contacting the centre at 519-254-2112 which can provide professional help and guidance.

Studying Impact on People

This month, LegalBet Canada reported that it has launched an inquiry into the impact of gambling ads in the country and what effects they may have on different demographics. According to a poll from Ipsos, almost half of Canadians or 48% believe the volume of ads is out of hand and that regulators need to put them in check.

Source: Maru, Sanjay “Recovering problem gambler says province's efforts to curb addiction ‘too little, too late'” CTV News, September 12, 2023

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theScore Bet Kicks Off Ad Campaign in Ontario - Casino Reports
theScore Bet Kicks Off Ad Campaign in Ontario – Casino Reports

The new NFL started on the weekend, and one of Ontario's leading sports brands, Bet, has debuted its fall ad just in time for the opening games. Titled “Does My Do That?” the campaign features new commercial sports, which demonstrate the unique combined media and betting experience through the mobile app.

theScore is one of the many private gambling operators who tout a provincial license by the Alcohol and Commission of Ontario. Via the permit, the company is able to offer sports wagering and casino offerings to Ontarians of legal age. At the end of last week, the province adopted new rules, but those will come into effect in February 2024.

Two New Spots Now Airing

In its new two commercial spots, the company has put intertwined characters who embody theScore and theScore Bet brands. Through their interactions in the two commercials, they demonstrate the operator's streamlined betting experience, which is one of the company's leading verticals in Ontario's market for digital sports wagers.

Each spot displays customers at a sports bar, with one summing theScore Bet and providing relevant sports betting-related information while another character shows the seamless experience of placing an informed bet. These sports were developed with help from the Toronto-based marketing agency Diamond and were directed by The Director Brothers, Ryan McNeely and Josh Martin.

The new betting campaign also marks the end of the “Get Into Bet Mode” campaign which started in March 2022. This initiative promoted the 's new at the time feature “Bet Mode,” as comedian Susie Essman, actor Rex Lee and TV personality Gerry Dee presented it. But these three are celebrities and the spots might be illegal under the new provincial rules.

Athletes Barred from Betting Ads

As mentioned, at the end of August, the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario announced that it would be banning the use of professional active or retired athletes in gambling advertisements. The decision came after the iGaming watchdog was heavily criticized for the bombardment of betting ads during sports games and their potential harm to children.

Moreover, the amended Standards for Internet Gaming limit the use of celebrities, role models, social media influencers, entertainers, cartoon figures and symbols that are implied to appeal to minors. These changes bolster the existing standard that, before the recent updates, banned the use of advertising and marketing content with a primary appeal to minors.

After the update in the advertising protocols, AGCO gave private operators a window to adjust marketing strategies. The new rules come into play on February 28, 2024. theScore Bet has not provided a statement regarding the changes. But its “Does My App Do That” commercials should not be affected by it due to not featuring celebrity actors.

Source: Ellis, Drew “New theScore Bet Ontario Ad Campaign Highlights Streamlined Betting” PlayCanada, September 7, 2023

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NFL Season Kicks Off, But Fantasy Issues Prevail in Ontario - Casino Reports
NFL Season Kicks Off, But Fantasy Issues Prevail in Ontario – Casino Reports

The new is just around the corner and Ontarians have plenty of betting options to place their wagers on. However, this is not the case for options, as the province has yet to resolve its limited fantasy sports contests. Therefore, popular sportsbooks such as DraftKings, FanDuel, and Underdog will not offer paid fantasy sports offerings in for the new season.

Ontario is the only province in Canada to allow numerous private-sector operators to run gambling sites, which led to numerous sports betting websites emerging in the province. However, it found that the legalization of third-party has led to a decrease in fantasy sports activity due to legalized sports wagering. Hence, many fantasy operators exit the scene.

No Progress at the Time

Peter Schoenke, the president of RotoWire and the person responsible for government affairs efforts for the Fantasy Sports and Association said there has been no news on the topic. In a recent interview, he explained that there is plenty of interest from consumers but he is yet to find a lot of buy-in from federal or provincial politicians.

Currently, the province considers fantasy services pay-to-play, meaning that such operators must pay licensing fees and share their revenue with the local government. In addition to that, the province states that all participants must be physically located in the province. Thus, leaving player pools relatively small and larger companies lost interest in fantasy offerings in the province.

Meanwhile, the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario, which regulates iGaming, said choosing to offer or not fantasy sports is an individual business decision that applies to registered operators. Last week, the regulator's team said that free-to-play fantasy sports have been and will continue to be allowed in the province, even after the launch of its iGaming sector.

Due to the smaller pool sizes, FanDuel said that this will lead to limited future contests and significantly smaller prizes, which may not sound too good for Ontarian consumers. The company suspended DFS offerings in the province in March 2022. It explained that if regulations are changed to allow larger contests, it would be interested to renew DFS service in the province.

There is a little optimism that the DFS scene in Ontario will change, after earlier this year, the province's Attorney General Doug Downey said fantasy sports were impacted by the launch of the jurisdiction's iGaming market. Hence causing liquidity . He did not say much on the topic but insisted he is working on something to help the sector.

Committed to the Cause

Mr. Schoenke also acknowledges legal sports betting issues are catching lawmakers' attention, hindering progress on fantasy-related reforms in the province. Despite the challenges, he and the FSGA are committed to advocating for change in Ontario, although it may take another NFL season or two before any significant changes finally come to life.

Source: Zochodne, Geoff “Ontario Set for Another NFL Season of Plentiful Sports Betting, but Limited Fantasy Options” Covers, September 5, 2023

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Operators in Ontario Must Resort to New Advertising Tactics - Casino Reports
Operators in Ontario Must Resort to New Advertising Tactics – Casino Reports

Last week, the Alcohol and Commission of announced its decision to ban the use of professional athletes in gambling advertisements and endorsements. According to the CEO of Rivalry, Steven Salz, the advertising changes will require operators in the province's sector to become more creative in their marketing efforts.

The update in rules was a long-awaited one, as the of Ontario's private market for gambling operators caused some heavy sports marketing in the province. But its changes to the rules, also state that entertainers, influencers, role models, and cartoon characters who would likely be expected to appeal to underage individuals are also a no-go for advertisements.

Brands Must Resort to Creativity

In a recent emailed statement, Mr. Salz from Rivalry, which is an esports-oriented betting firm, said that the recent changes will make operators more creative in their marketing. He also noted that the industry has historically been heavily reliant on celebrity and athlete endorsements, but this will change when the rules come into play on February 28, 2024.

William Woodhams, chief executive of the British operator Fitzdares, has already seen a similar ban on athletes participating in U.K. gambling ads. Which was implemented last year. He explained that the company shot a video with players of Fulham F.C. the day before the ban. The operator is also part of Ontario's sector and will have to get used to the new changes.

Meanwhile, President of the Canadian Gaming Association, Paul Burns calls for more clarity on who qualifies as an athlete and who might appeal to children. He also noted that operators have contractual obligations and need time to adjust to the advertising changes. Mr. Burns reminded that previously the AGCO provided a six-month period for offshore operators to make the switch to the regulatory framework.

Some believe that the implementation is too far away. This includes Bruce Kidd, a former Olympian and professor emeritus of sport and public policy at the University of Toronto, said that the regulator has not read its own release about the harm of ads. This is due to the fact that the new rule will not be in motion during the upcoming season, or much of the NBA and NHL seasons.

Others such as Cynthia Mendoza, a retired teacher and basketball fan from Vancouver, believe the ads have become quite annoying during Raptors' games. She is alarmed that many of her past students could have been influenced by gambling-related marketing. She is happy with the restriction but believes an outright ban on such ads would be ideal.

Sector Continues to Thrive

In July 2023, Ontario provided its financial report on the first quarter of the 2023-24 fiscal year from its regulated iGaming market. For the first quarter, or the period between April 1 through June 30, 2023, the province handled an online betting volume of CA$14 billion. This translated into CA$545 million in gaming revenue.

Source: Nixon, Geoff “Expect gambling ads to get more ‘creative' amid Ontario's stricter rules” CBC News, September 2, 2023

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Caesars Entertainment’s New iGaming App is Online in Ontario - Casino Reports
Caesars Entertainment’s New iGaming App is Online in Ontario – Casino Reports

This week, Entertainment announced the of its internet branded Caesars Palace Casinos. The new platform is available in all jurisdictions where the gambling giant operates, including . The app is available on iOS, Android, and desktop devices, and again connects players to the operator's industry-leading loyalty program, Caesars Rewards.

The operator is one of the many gambling brands licensed to offer online casino and sports betting options in Ontario after the province opened up its sector for third-party operators. It was one of the first companies to go online in the new market in April 2022 and also boasts a retail at Caesars Windsor Casino in the province.

Stacked with New Features and Perks

With the new iCasino app, players can accumulate Caesars Rewards Tier Credits to increase their status and Reward Credits that can be converted into Caesars Rewards experiences. Reward Credits can be redeemed at one of the operator's numerous sites across the U.S. and Canada. Therefore, every point can be used on a getaway, world-class culinary experience, curated VIP experiences or bonus cash in the app.

For the launch, there is a thrilling omnichannel welcome offer that gives players the chance to win real-life experiences at one of the company's destinations. These packages include flight credits for travel, culinary experiences, VIP nightlife packages, cruises, and much more. The app will also add new digital promotion such as deposit bonus matches, reward spins, and mystery bonus drops several times a week.

The newly launched app also operates on a natively built proprietary gaming platform which impresses with a cool interface and most importantly, a user-friendly look. Also, its front-end content can be managed and utilized in real-time, there is also a modified bonus engine, which allows for deeper customization and segmented player promotions.

The company also shared that the new app also comes with a wide range of exclusive branded Caesar games, along with hundreds of classic titles and innovative iGaming content. This includes American Roulette, slot games from some of the sector's best suppliers, Live Dealer Blackjack, Baccarat, and classics such as Video Poker, Progressive Jackpot slots and much more.

Ontario's Market in Numbers

Caesars Palace Online Casino is now part of Ontario's highly competitive sector for iGaming. For the first quarter of 2023-2024, or the period between April 1 through June 30, 2023, the province handled the online betting volume of CA$14 billion. This translated into CA$545 million in gaming revenue from a total of 46 operators who ran 71 gaming websites.

In addition to a wide variety of online gambling options, the iGaming model has brought a number of benefits to the province. A report by Deloitte indicated that the privation of the sector provided more than 1,800 direct jobs and another 7,900 indirect ones. The report also predicts that the iGaming sector could employ 17,660 people directly and indirectly in 10 years' time.

Source: Warren, Greg “Caesars launches new online casino mobile app in Ontario” Canada Sports Betting, August 17, 2023

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Bragg Gaming Powers bet365 with Content Launch in Ontario - Casino Reports
Bragg Gaming Powers bet365 with Content Launch in Ontario – Casino Reports

Group continues to build on its operations in North America, as most recently, the provider of content debuted games with bet365 in . Via the new agreement, the aggregator and provider of iCasino titles launched new games and Remote Game Server technology with the operator. Thus, expanding its reach in the market.

As a renowned online gambling brand, bet365 boats a player base of over 90 million from all around the globe. It offers its products in 22 different languages, hence providing seamless accessibility to users worldwide. The operator also works with 26 different currencies for transactions while also having handy tools for responsible gambling.

Adopting Bragg's Content

Through the latest collaboration, the operator has now incorporated content from Bragg Studios, including titles such as Fairy Dust from Atomic Slot Lab and Seas of Plenty from Indigo Magic. The also includes the debut of new and exclusive premium titles from the Powered by Bragg portfolio, featuring games such as Devils Lock from Blueberi available at https://games.on.bet365.ca.

President and CEO of the provider, Lara Falzon said that the company is pleased to with the renowned brand, which is one of the leading names in Ontario and launch content for the local customer base. She believes the integration is the first step in a promising relationship for the introduction of the supplier's proprietary and exclusive third-party content in new markets.

Also, a spokesperson for bet365, commented that the operator is quite familiar with the high-quality content that the iGaming provider brings to the scene. They said that the brand is eager to have the supplier on board and incorporate it into its first-in-class gaming content partners in one of the most competitive and exciting markets in North America.

Massive Week for the Global Operator

This week has been a historic one for bet365 in Ontario, as in addition to its Bragg Gaming Group collaboration the operator also started offering betting on races. In conjunction with Woodbine Entertainment Group, the now offers the former's pari-mutuel wagering on horse races. Making it the first private sports betting platform to adopt it.

The launch has been a highly-anticipated one and it is expected that more third-party operators from the province's regulated iGaming market will follow. It was possible after in August 2021, the federal government legalized single- wagering, which paved the way for the launch of Ontario's online gambling market, where the operator is licensed to operate.

This is not the first time that the gaming platform has signed an agreement to enhance offerings in Ontario. In May 2023, it partnered up with a leading provider of online casino titles, Pragmatic Play. Via this collaboration, the latter debuted its Live Casino vertical, including games Sweet Bonanza CandyLand™ and newly released ones like PowerUP Roulette.

Source: “Bragg Gaming Extends Content Rollout in Ontario Following Launch with bet365” Bragg Gaming Group, August 17, 2023

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Ontario Expands its Betting on Horse Races via Bet365 - Casino Reports
Ontario Expands its Betting on Horse Races via Bet365 – Casino Reports

The wait for racing fans is over as Woodbine Entertainment will soon offer betting on horse racing events outside of its HPIbet or Dark Horse Bets. The equine operator reported that it will allow pari-mutuel wagering on horse via the sports betting provider, . This comes just in time for the 2023 edition of the highly-anticipated King's Plate.

Incorporating horse racing wagering into 's third-party sportsbooks has been in the works for a while. Up until now, online wagering on such events was only possible via HPIbet and Dark Horse Bets, but the legalization of single- betting in August 2021 and the licensing of bet365 to join the province's regulated market, made the move possible.

A New Chapter for Horse Racing Wagers

CEO of Woodbine, Jim Lawson broke the news during the King's Plate draw and media conference at Woodbine Racetrack on Wednesday. He said that as a non-profit company, the horse racing revenue will get a share of the revenue and invest back into the sector. Mr. Lawson that the sports betting industry in Ontario is currently valued at CA$4b and expects it to reach CA$10b.

It was reported that in the coming days horse racing will be a legal option for Ontario sports punters via bet365's sportsbook platform in the province. The vertical should be fully functional by the King's Plate on Sunday, August 20, 2023. In the meantime, the group will work with other private sportsbooks interested in integrating its pari-mutuel horse racing.

But even after the with a third-party sportsbook, the horse racing leader remains optimistic that HPIbet will likely remain the preffered choice among online bettors. This is due to the fact that the app offers a lucrative loyalty program with exclusive cash back, access to the most racing data in one place, a VIP program titled Prestige by HPIbet and more.

Its statement also mentioned that HPIbet is the only online platform where horse wagering can earn players rewards and benefits, such as cashback and points. Still, the news about the launch with the private operator is a major milestone for the sports betting and horse racing industries in Ontario. It is expected that more gaming brands will follow the example and adopt pari-mutuel betting.

One of the Province's Many Licensed Operators

It is expected that the bet365 launch of fixed-odds horse racing wagers will open up the gate for millions of players. The global operator officially debuted in Canada's most populous province in April 2022. It was licensed by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario, hence completing its shift from the grey market to the regulated one.

This May, the iGaming brand announced a partnership with Pragmatic Play, allowing it to launch content from the supplier of online games in Ontario. Now, local players of the prominent gaming brand will be able to enjoy the supplier's top-performing Live Casino titles, including Sweet Bonanza CandyLand™ and newly released but promising games such as PowerUP Roulette.

Source: “Pari-Mutuel Wagering Coming to Ontario Sports Bettors” Standardbred Canada, August 16, 2023

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CFL Acquires NEO.bet as Sportsbook Partner in Ontario - Casino Reports
CFL Acquires NEO.bet as Sportsbook Partner in Ontario – Casino Reports

The Canadian Football League is enhancing its fan experience, as the league announced that it has partnered up with the gambling brand, NEO.. Via the collaboration, the iGaming platform is now one of the league's Authorized Operators and an official Partner. It is believed the partnership will bring an even more engaging experience for fans.

presents players with an exceptionally secure betting opportunity. The platform has meticulously designed a unique betting venture tailored to the preferences of local sports aficionados, encompassing a diverse selection of thoughtfully selected betting occasions. With an unparalleled foundation, it provides a recognizable and dependable encounter, setting unprecedented standards in technology, safety, and dependability.

Sharing Similar Values

Speaking on the partnership, the CEO of the league, Thomas Louis, shared that the CFL represents the inclusiveness, pursuit of distinction and commitment to fan and athlete welfare which resonates with the value of the gaming brand. He is hopeful that the collaboration will take sports betting to new highs for fans who wish to find the best possible experience.

Via the partnership, the two sides will be able to special CFL-oriented betting events and contests for fans and sports betting punters in the province, making the upcoming NFL season even more exciting. Launched in the province in April 2023, the platform offers legal online sports betting and services at on.neobet.ca to players who are above the legal gaming age of 19.

Tyler Mazereeuw, Chief Commercial Officer of the CFL, welcomed the platform to the CFL family and said the league was pleased of having the brand on board. He added responsible sports betting is a deeply personal and meaningful way for fans to connect with the story of the league. While also noting that it is always special for fans when their favourite team or players brings a win.

In the meantime, the betting platform believes that the collaboration with the CLF will become the foundation, as the two bring a higher standard of iGaming. According to the statement, the standard will be one of safety and security being of higher priority than making profits. The operator also vows to deliver a better-quality product with technological innovations and unmatched reliability.

Similar to all other CFL's Authorized Gaming Operators, NEO is devoted to upholding the league's high standards for game integrity and responsible gaming play. Recently, CFL introduced a Match Manipulation Policy to protect against potential match-fixing. This was done in cooperation with Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport and educated players and personnel on the new policies.

Partnering with Another Operator

At the end of June 2023, CFL also inked a partnership with the world-renowned gambling operator, FanDuel. As per the agreement, the brand became the first authorized gambling operator and an official sportsbook partner to the league. From the new season, the operator will deliver new and special CFL wagering experience, including market on a variety of in-game player props.

Source: “NEO.bet Joins Forces with CFL to Expand Options for Bettors in Ontario” CFL, August 1, 2023

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