Ontario Operators Seek Clarity on iGaming Ads Changes - Casino Reports
Ontario Operators Seek Clarity on iGaming Ads Changes – Casino Reports

Not long ago, the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of made some significant changes to its iGaming advertising and marketing standards. The gambling watchdog banned the use of active and retired in ads. However, online in the province's sector have recently called for clarification of the new marketing standards.

In April 2022, Ontario became the first Canadian territory to privatize its online gambling market, which saw the licensing and launch of numerous third-party operators in the sector. The market is overseen by AGCO which has already fined several registered operators and suppliers for breaching the province's Standards for Internet Gaming.

Stakeholders Need Clarifications

Kindred Group's Amanda Brewer has recently stated that stakeholders are in a bit of confusion as to what defines an athlete or a celebrity. She added that no operator had any appetite for the visit in the early days of the market launch when the inducement language was far from clear and operators got served fined for breaching inducement rules.

The iGaming watchdog introduced its updated standards on advertising at the end of August 2023, hence banning stars from in gambling endorsements. However, those rules will go into effect on February 28, 2024. This is another transitional period for the regulator who previously gave brands a deadline to apply for a license in the province.

Ms. Brewer said that from an integrity perspective, the changes to ads make sense, but she believes that it does not address of the volume of ads. She commented that if the problem is how many ads are aired, and that the problem last year was mainly with the NHL, then, the topic needs to be taken up with the NHL and the broadcasters.

Paul Burns, the president of the Canadian Gaming Association is also wondering what is the difference between a celebrity and a retired athlete, and what are the metrics to determine what appeals to minors. The CGA has contacted the AGCO and has requested to be part of the process for developing the details of the new advertising regulations.

”Too Little Too Late”

However, changes to the iGaming advertising have come too late according to Noah Vineberg, who completed Ontario's sole residential treatment program for problem gambling. He believes the update in gaming ads would have made an impact if the province had listened to all the advice of other countries and everything going into it had not been allowed.

Diana Gabriele, a certified counsellor at the CPGDD at Hotel-Dieu Grace Healthcare, remarked gaming ads are quite problematic for most people as in recent years they have become quite common in sports broadcasts. She claimed the ban on sports stars is a good first step, as prior to the past six months or so, she has seen this proliferation of gaming ads in her life.

Source: R. Dorson, Jill “Ontario Stakeholders Want on Latest Advertising and Marketing Updates” SportsHandle, September 26, 2023

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Casumo Adopts mkodo Tech for its Ontario’s iGaming Business - Casino Reports
Casumo Adopts mkodo Tech for its Ontario’s iGaming Business – Casino Reports

Casumo is now bolstering its operations in 's regulated market for internet gambling and sports betting. The operator recently informed that it has teamed up with for the latter's geolocation verification solution, GeoLocs. Now, the technology has been incorporated into its in the province to meet full compliance with geolocation requirements.

In April 2022, Ontario became the first Canadian province to open up its gambling market for third-party operators, leading to dozens of operators being now licensed to lawfully run in the province. The aim of the iGaming sector was to prevent local bettors from playing on offshore websites and thus keep a portion of the revenue to the province.

Enhancing Geolocation Protections with GeoLocs

Casumo was permitted to join the Heartland Province's iGaming by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario in June of 2022. But it went online in the province in November 2022. Currently, the company wants more online security with GeoLocs, which has been developed to deal with the industry's geolocation issue with quick and seamless integration.

Mark Busuttil, CPO at the Malta-based operator said by choosing GeoLocs as a geolocation provider, the company is confident that it can provide users with a seamless and user-friendly experience which will answer to compliance and regulatory demands in Ontario. He added that the solution has been key in supporting the company in its pursuit of license and operations in Ontario.

It is worth mentioning that GeoLocs has been utilized by partners of mkodo for over a decade now. It provides a smooth user experience when it comes to the location verification process. Users are able to verify their location quite quickly, which happens directly within the or website, hence, removing any tedious location approval process that usually drags on.

In the meantime, Stuart Godfree, Managing Director at mkodo remarked the brand is pleased to be partnering with a leading operator to support its iGaming launch in the province and broaden the solution's popularity in the region. The official further shared that the company is eager to team up with the operator and offer the best user experience for geolocation in the province.

Ontario Recaps Q1

In July 2023, Ontario issued its financial report for the first quarter of the fiscal 2023-2024, which started on April 1, 2023, and stretched to June 30, 2023. In that time, the iGaming sector witnessed over CA$14 billion in total betting volume, which translated to CA$545 million in revenue. There were 920k active user accounts, which had an average monthly spend of CA$197.

The largest portion of the betting volume is derived from digital games, including slots, live and computer-based table games and peer-to-peer bingo. It accounted for nearly CA$11.6 billion or 83% of total wagers in Q1. Betting on sports, eSports, and novelty bets contributed CA$2 billion or 14% while peer-to-peer poker accounted for CA$350 million or just 3% of the total tally.

Source: “Casumo onboards mkodo's GeoLocs solution for Ontario igaming operations” Canadian Gaming Business, September 14, 2023

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Sports Leagues in Favour of Private iGaming in Quebec - Casino Reports
Sports Leagues in Favour of Private iGaming in Quebec – Casino Reports

Three professional are calling for to establish a regulatory framework to license numerous sports betting brands in the province. The Canadian Football League, Major League Soccer, and the National Basketball Association urge the La Belle Province to follow 's example and introduce a similar market for third-party brands.

The efforts are headed by Québec Gaming Coalition, a group that contains several online which are currently not allowed to offer legal sports betting in the province. In May 2023, the coalition proposed a framework similar to that of Ontario, where numerous third-party operators can lawfully accept and offer online casino and sports betting to local players.

Sports Leagues Call for Opening of the Market

At the moment the only legal online gambling in the province is offered via Loto-Québec. However, CFL, MLS, and NBA want to change that as they have joined the coalition which urges the province to create a new regulatory framework, such a model would allow the province to license private sports betting brands to join the regulated market.

The CFL was a proponent of decriminalizing single-event wagering which became a reality in 2021. Its' Commissioner Randy Ambrosie calls for Quebec lawmakers to fully explore the positives of introducing a regulated playing environment, which will not be operating in the shadows. In his words, it would also protect the integrity of the competition and promote responsible play.

The NBA is also in of Quebec opening its iGaming sector to outside operators. A spokesperson for the association, Mike Bass commented that if Quebec's government wanted to launch an open and lawful market, the NBA would support the initiative, in the same way that it has supported the introduction of Ontario's open and competitive internet gambling.

Members of the coalition include popular gaming brands such as Bet99, DraftKings, Flutter Entertainment, Entain, Betway, and Rush Street Interactive. However, it is not enough to convince the province yet. A Loto-Québec representative said the leagues should question the coalitions' true intentions and claimed some coalition members are illegally taking bets from Quebecers.

Ontario's Market is Doing Well

In the meantime, Ontario's iGaming market continues to reap success. Recently, the province shared its financial report for the first quarter of 2023-2024. It reported CA$14 billion in online wagering and CA$545 million in gaming revenue. There were 46 operators online, which ran 71 gaming websites. There were 920k active user accounts, which had an average monthly spend of CA$197.

However, the increase in iGaming's popularity led to an influx of betting ads from private operators. That is why the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario recently banned the use of active or retired in gambling ads and endorsements. This is due to the fact that such figures usually appeal to the younger demographics.

Source: Zochodne, Geoff “Report: Three Leagues Supporting Sports Betting Expansion in Quebec” Covers, September 15, 2023

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AGCO Prohibits Athletes from Featuring in iGaming Ads - Casino Reports
AGCO Prohibits Athletes from Featuring in iGaming Ads – Casino Reports

The Alcohol and Gaming Commission certainly took its time but now it has finally made changes to the advertisements rules in the province after concerns about an influx of betting . In a press, the regulator announced that it has updated the Registrar's Standards for Internet Gaming to ban the use of in such endorsements, in order to protect children.

Last year, introduced an open gambling and sports betting market for private , which attracted numerous brands to the local iGaming scenery. However, this has led to an influx of ads featuring some very prominent names from sports or celebrities, endorsing gambling platforms. This became a concern for adults and gambling experts in the province.

New Rules Go into Effect Next Year

said that the changes will prohibit athletes from featuring in iGaming ads, as a way of protecting children as many say they have been overexposed to such commercials. Standards have also been updated to restrict the use of celebrities who could be appealing to minors. According to the iGaming watchdog, the new restrictions will come into effect on February 28, 2024.

After the first year of iGaming, AGCO identified advertising and marketing approaches that use sports stars and celebrities with an appeal to minors, as potential harm to those under gambling age. That is why it introduced a proposal to ban such athletes from ads. The regulator heard input from a wide range of stakeholders, gambling experts, operators, broadcast and marketing groups, and the public.

After the consultation process, AGCO decided that the ban would help protect children and youth who can be susceptible to such marketing. Now, its updated standards prohibit provincially licensed operators from using active or retired athletes in gaming marketing and advertising. There is an exception, as such sports people can be used to promote responsible gambling practices.

Furthermore, the amended Standards for Internet Gaming limit the use of celebrities, role models, social media influencers, entertainers, cartoon figures and symbols that are implied to appeal to minors. These changes bolster the existing standard that, before the recent updates, banned the use of advertising and marketing content with a primary appeal to minors.

Market Still Brings Plenty of Benefits

Despite the possible risk of affecting younger demographics, Ontario's iGaming market delivers plenty of positives to the province. Recently, it was reported the first quarter of 2023-2024, or the period between April 1 through June 30, 2023, the province handled an online betting volume of CA$14 billion. This translated into CA$545 million in gaming revenue.

In addition to revenue, it was also revealed that the province's competitive online gambling model has also brought approximately 10,000 jobs, reported Deloitte. It provided more than 1,800 direct jobs with an average of CA$103,000 in annual compensation. the market generated another 7,900 indirect jobs which were created by suppliers to those gambling brands.

Source: “AGCO to ban athletes in Ontario's igaming advertising to protect minors” AGCO, August 29, 2023

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BeyondPlay Gains Access to Ontario’s iGaming Space - Casino Reports
BeyondPlay Gains Access to Ontario’s iGaming Space – Casino Reports

Yet another iGaming supplier has now joined and its open market for gambling and sports wagering. This time, BeyondPlay announced that it has been granted a gaming-related supplier license by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario. The permit allows it to deliver its gaming services and content to running in the province.

In April 2022, the province became the first Canadian jurisdiction to allow private operators to offer legal iGaming to local players. Governed by and its subsidiary iGaming Ontario, the local sector attracted interest from some of the biggest names in the industry. In its first year, it generated over CA$35 billion in betting handle, placing in the top five in North America.

Another B2B Supplier Joins the Mix

Now, that BeyondPlay is a licensed gaming-related provider in the Province of Ontario, the company can ink B2B partnerships with betting operators who are also allowed to run in the iGaming sector. The supplier also announced that it will be launching its advanced content-agnostic Jackpot Management Software in Ontario during the fourth quarter of 2023.

Andrii Grygorovych, Head of Compliance at the gaming provider, said its team was honoured to be officially registered as a gambling software distributor in Ontario by AGCO. He said that it was a testament to the company's commitment to compliance and responsible gambling. After Ontario, the company plans on further expanding into North America by reaching new legal jurisdictions.

Via the license, the provider will be able to offer its cutting-edge multiplayer and jackpot products, with the latter allowing operators to produce exclusive in-house jackpots for their , live casino, and sports betting products. Currently, the developer is in possession of licenses from MGA, Sweden, and the UK, all achieved before its Ontario launch.

Provincial Market in Numbers

Recently, iGaming Ontario issued its quarterly report on the regulated online casino and sports betting market for the period between April 1 through June 30, 2023. In the first quarter of the FY, the province handled an online wagering volume of over CA$14 billion. This translated into CA$545 million in gaming revenue before tax.

At the end of the quarter, there were 46 operators online, which ran 71 gaming websites. There were 920k active player accounts, which had an average monthly spend of CA$197. Slots, live and computer-based table games and peer-to-peer bingo which accounted for nearly CA$11.6 billion or 83% of total wagers. With the rest split between sports betting and poker.

In the meantime, the iGaming sector continues to grow larger, as more and more operators make their debut. In July 2023, the province saw the launch of STX, which is the first sports betting exchange in the jurisdiction. Via the platform, players can place trades in the betting markets once both buyer and seller find a middle ground on their pricing.

Source: “BeyondPlay outlines next steps in North America after achieving ‘major milestone' in Ontario” Canadian Gaming , August 23, 2023

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Caesars Entertainment’s New iGaming App is Online in Ontario - Casino Reports
Caesars Entertainment’s New iGaming App is Online in Ontario – Casino Reports

This week, Entertainment announced the launch of its internet branded Caesars Palace Casinos. The new platform is available in all jurisdictions where the gambling giant operates, including . The app is available on iOS, Android, and desktop devices, and again connects players to the operator's industry-leading loyalty program, Caesars Rewards.

The operator is one of the many gambling brands licensed to offer online casino and betting options in Ontario after the province opened up its sector for third-party . It was one of the first companies to go online in the new market in April 2022 and also boasts a retail sportsbook at Caesars Windsor Casino in the province.

Stacked with New Features and Perks

With the new iCasino app, players can accumulate Caesars Rewards Tier Credits to increase their status and Reward Credits that can be converted into Caesars Rewards experiences. Reward Credits can be redeemed at one of the operator's numerous sites across the U.S. and Canada. Therefore, every point can be used on a getaway, world-class culinary experience, curated VIP experiences or bonus cash in the app.

For the launch, there is a thrilling omnichannel welcome offer that gives players the chance to win real-life experiences at one of the company's destinations. These packages include flight credits for travel, culinary experiences, VIP nightlife packages, cruises, and much more. The app will also add new digital promotion content such as deposit bonus matches, reward spins, and mystery bonus drops several times a week.

The newly launched app also operates on a natively built proprietary gaming platform which impresses with a cool interface and most importantly, a user-friendly look. Also, its front-end content can be managed and utilized in real-time, there is also a modified bonus engine, which allows for deeper customization and segmented player promotions.

The company also shared that the new app also comes with a wide range of exclusive branded Caesar games, along with hundreds of classic titles and innovative iGaming content. This includes American Roulette, slot games from some of the sector's best suppliers, Live Dealer Blackjack, Baccarat, and classics such as Video Poker, Progressive Jackpot slots and much more.

Ontario's Market in Numbers

Caesars Palace Online Casino is now part of Ontario's highly competitive sector for iGaming. For the first quarter of 2023-2024, or the period between April 1 through June 30, 2023, the province handled the online betting volume of CA$14 billion. This translated into CA$545 million in gaming revenue from a total of 46 operators who ran 71 gaming websites.

In addition to a wide variety of online gambling options, the iGaming model has brought a number of benefits to the province. A report by Deloitte indicated that the privation of the sector provided more than 1,800 direct jobs and another 7,900 indirect ones. The report also predicts that the iGaming sector could employ 17,660 people directly and indirectly in 10 years' time.

Source: Warren, Greg “Caesars launches new online casino mobile app in Ontario” Canada Sports Betting, August 17, 2023

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Sektor iGaming Saskatchewan Melihat Sukses di Tahun Fiskal Pertama - Laporan Kasino
Sektor iGaming Saskatchewan Melihat Sukses di Tahun Fiskal Pertama – Laporan Kasino

Pada akhir 2022, Provinsi meluncurkan platform iGaming pertama yang diatur menggunakan PlayNow British Columbia Lottery Corporation. Minggu ini, Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority merilis laporan tahunan 2022-23, yang mengonfirmasi bahwa perluasan game dimulai dengan awal yang baik dan memberikan keuntungan yang solid di pertamanya.

PlayNow BCLC online di Saskatchewan pada 3 November 2022, menandai pasar perjudian online legal pertama provinsi tersebut. Tujuan dari pasar baru adalah untuk menjauhkan penjudi provinsi dari situs web yang tidak diatur, di mana perlindungan pemain tidak ada dalam agenda, sambil tetap dapat mempertahankan sebagian dari pendapatan provinsi.

Tahun fiskal pertama untuk iGaming

Dalam laporannya, SIGA membagikan bahwa pasar mendaftarkan 15.000 pelanggan sejak debut pasar dan bahwa sektor iGaming menguntungkan pada tahun fiskal pertamanya. PlayNow melaporkan bahwa itu telah ditangani Permainan senilai CA$113 juta dari awal November hingga akhir Maret 2023, CA$50 juta dalam slot berputar dan CA$4,99 juta dalam kemenangan baru. Dengan hanya CA$117k ditempatkan dalam taruhan olahraga.

Presiden dan CEO SIGA Zane Hansen berkomentar bahwa peluncuran mode igaming baru membawa hal yang menarik saluran komersial baru dengan banyak klien baru. Dia menjelaskan bahwa di tahun-tahun mendatang, regulator akan fokus pada pengembangan basis pelanggan PlayNow melalui peningkatan kemampuan pemasaran dan kemitraan dengan pemangku kepentingan game lainnya di provinsi tersebut.

Saat ini, platform online adalah satu-satunya cara legal untuk taruhan olahraga online di provinsi tersebut, namun tetap saja, pemain lokal dapat mengakses operator yang tidak diatur dan lepas pantai. Sementara itu, penggemar olahraga juga punya Pilih Olahraga, yang merupakan versi eceran dari taruhan olahraga yang tersedia di provinsi melalui pengecer lotre. Namun, sebelumnya, petaruh telah menyatakan ketidakpuasan mereka dengan ketersediaan odds.

Di awal tahun 2023, SIGA menyampaikan laporan pasar pertamanya dengan ringkasan bulan November dan Desember, yang merupakan dua bulan pertama operasi. Saat itu, provinsi tersebut telah mendaftarkan lebih dari 8.000 pengguna. Pada bulan November, jumlah total taruhan mencapai sekitar CA$12 juta dan pada bulan Desember jumlah yang lebih tinggi telah didaftarkan dengan CA$18,2 juta.

Ketua Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations Bobby Cameron berkomentar bahwa peluncuran PlayNow adalah prestasi besar lainnya karena SIGA adalah satu-satunya perusahaan milik First Nations yang memiliki perjanjian pembagian 50-50 untuk pendapatan iGaming di Kanada. Dia menambahkan bahwa SIGA memastikan peluang dan perluasan ekonomi masa depan bagi masyarakat adat.

Pengumuman regulator perjudian baru

April ini, pemerintah Saskatchewan mengumumkan peluncuran perusahaan Crown lainnya untuk mengawasi pertandingan tersebut, Lotere dan Permainan Saskatchewan. Menurut provinsi, entitas baru akan mengawasi kebijakan dan manajemen perjudian. Hal ini juga dimaksudkan untuk menghilangkan konflik aktual atau persepsi yang dihasilkan dari perizinan dan badan pengatur yang berada di bawah yurisdiksi SLGA.

Sumber: Zochodne, Geoff “Penyedia Satu-satunya Situs Taruhan Olahraga Resmi Saskatchewan Melaporkan Awal yang Menguntungkan” selimut20 Juli 2023

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Ontario Membagikan Laporan iGaming untuk Q1 2023-24 - Laporan Kasino
Ontario Membagikan Laporan iGaming untuk Q1 2023-24 – Laporan Kasino

Minggu ini, merilis triwulanan terbarunya tentang provinsi yang terbuka dan kompetitif untuk operator swasta. Untuk kuartal 2023-2024, atau periode dari 1 April hingga 30 Juni 2023, provinsi tersebut menangani volume perjudian online sebesar CA$14 miliar. Ini menghasilkan pendapatan game sebesar C$545 juta.

Kerangka iGaming Ontario untuk operator pihak ketiga diluncurkan pada 4 April 2022 dan merupakan yang pertama dari jenisnya di Kanada. Dioperasikan oleh Komisi Gaming dan Alkohol Ontario dan anak perusahaannya iGaming Ontario, sektor ini bertujuan untuk menghilangkan operasi pasar abu-abu, membangun ruang permainan yang aman untuk Ontarian, dan mempertahankan sebagian pendapatan di dalam provinsi.

Q1 dalam angka

ini menandai tahun penuh pertama untuk pasar Ontario dan kuartal pertama dimulai dengan awal yang baik. Itu melaporkan CA $ 14 miliar dalam aktivitas perjudian online dan CA $ 545 juta dalam pendapatan game. Di akhir kuartal ada 46 operator online, yang menjalankan 71 situs web game. Ada 920 ribu akun pengguna aktif, yang memiliki pengeluaran bulanan rata-rata sebesar CA$197.

Untuk memecah angka lebih jauh, kami mengumpulkan total taruhan dari permainan kasino, termasuk slot, permainan meja langsung dan berbasis komputer, dan bingo peer-to-peer, yang menyumbang hampir CA$11,6 miliar atau 83% dari total taruhan. Ini diterjemahkan menjadi CA$392 juta atau 72% dari pendapatan game provinsi yang dilaporkan untuk kuartal pertama 2023-2024.

Sementara itu, pada triwulan pertama, bertaruh pada olahraga, eSports, dan taruhan baru menghasilkan CA$2 miliar atau 14% dari total penanganan game dan CA$138 juta atau 25% dari pendapatan. Kemudian poker peer-to-peer menyumbang CA$350 juta atau hanya 3% dari total taruhan dan CA$15 juta atau 3% dari pendapatan game.

Merayakan satu tahun iGaming

Awal tahun ini, Provinsi Ontario merayakan ulang tahun pertama pasar iGaming-nya. Selama 12 bulan pertama operasinya, sektor ini mencatat 35,6 miliar dolar Kanada dalam pegangan total permainan. Total volume berubah menjadi pendapatan sebesar CA$1,4 miliar. Sementara itu, akun pemain aktif memiliki pengeluaran bulanan rata-rata sebesar CA$70.

Sebuah survei menemukan bahwa di segmen kasino online, hampir setengah dari semua pemain lebih menyukai slot seperti yang mereka wakili 48% dari volume iCasino. Sementara itu, hampir sepertiga permainan kasino atau 32% dikuasai oleh permainan meja dengan dealer langsung. Kemudian sisanya atau 19% sisanya digunakan untuk permainan papan berbasis komputer.

Tapi bukan itu saja, karena sektor permainan digital yang diatur secara kebetulan memberikan manfaat lain seperti penciptaan lapangan kerja. KE Laporan Deloitte menemukan bahwa itu menyediakan lebih dari 1.800 pekerjaan langsung. Posisi tersebut rata-rata CA$103.000 dalam kompensasi tahunan, yaitu sekitar 41% lebih tinggi dari rata-rata Ontario sebesar CA$73.000. Selain itu, pasar menghasilkan 7.900 pekerjaan tidak langsung lainnya

Sumber: “iGaming Ontario FY2023-24 Laporan Kinerja Pasar Kuartal Pertama” iGaming Ontario19 Juli 2023

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Pasar iGaming Ontario Akan Tumbuh, Kata AGCO - Laporan Kasino
Pasar iGaming Ontario Akan Tumbuh, Kata AGCO – Laporan Kasino

baru Ontario telah naik ke lima yurisdiksi teratas di Amerika Utara, setelah melihat 55 operator berlisensi sejak diluncurkan. Tetapi Komisi Perjudian dan Alkohol Ontario memproyeksikan bahwa sektor ini lebih besar lagi di masa depan, karena saat ini ada 28 operator yang mengantri mendapatkan lisensi.

Diawasi oleh AGCO dan iGaming Ontario, pasar iGaming debutnya pada 4 April 2022. Dalam 12 bulan , pemain lokal memasang taruhan lebih dari CA$35 miliar, sehingga menghasilkan pendapatan lebih dari CA$1,4 miliar. Pasar juga mengambil monopoli dari Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation, yang merupakan satu-satunya pilihan game online resmi di provinsi tersebut.

Ekspektasi pertumbuhan

Berbicara di sebuah panel di Canadian Gaming Summit, CEO AGCO Tom Mungham mengatakan ada 28 aplikasi menunggu peninjauan dan persetujuan. Dia memperkirakan sektor lokal akan tumbuh lebih jauh dan menjadi lebih besar di masa depan. Saat ini, ada lebih dari 30 operator yang beroperasi dan tampaknya akan lebih banyak lagi yang akan segera hadir.

Sebagian besar nama terkemuka di industri game telah menunggu di pasar, tetapi beberapa nama besar masih belum ada. Sebelumnya situs taruhan olahraga yang ramah cryptocurrency Bertaruh disebutkan sebagai seseorang yang tertarik untuk bergabung. The Financial Times melaporkan beberapa bulan yang lalu bahwa operator mengajukan izin dan sekarang sedang menunggu keputusan.

Ada juga operator yang sudah mendapat persetujuan dari pengawas iGaming namun belum online. Ini termasuk STX, yang sebelumnya mengumumkan akan meluncurkan bursa taruhan olahraga pertama di provinsi tersebut. Daftar operator mungkin juga termasuk BetRegal, yang beberapa waktu lalu mengatakan berencana untuk online di sektor provinsi.

Operator lain yang ingin bergabung adalah 5Dime, yang pada bulan Mei dilaporkan sedang mengajukan permohonan izin. Untuk melakukannya, perusahaan harus disetujui oleh AGCO dan menandatangani perjanjian operasi dengan iGaming Ontario. Operator tersebut termasuk di antara merek yang menangguhkan operasi lepas pantai di provinsi tersebut sambil menunggu izin peraturannya.

AGCO mengeluarkan dua denda

Sementara itu, AGCO memantau dengan cermat sektor iGaming dan baru-baru ini harus mengenakan dua denda moneter pada operator yang menawarkan layanan di dalamnya. regulator BV Gaming dan Fitzdares Canada Limited melanggar Standar Provinsi untuk Permainan Internet dengan menawarkan taruhan ilegal pada hoki junior Kanada kepada pelanggan.

Dalam pernyataannya, AGCO menegaskan bahwa BV Gaming Limited melakukan pelanggaran Aturan 4.34, paragraf 15, menawarkan taruhan di Liga Hoki Ontario, Liga Hoki Junior Utama Quebec, dan Liga Hoki Barat. Fitzdares Canada juga dihukum karena menawarkan taruhan di Liga Hoki Ontario, Liga Hoki Junior Utama Quebec, dan Liga Hoki Barat. Mereka masing-masing menerima denda sebesar CA$15.000.

Sumber: Zochodne, Geoff “Ontario dapat menambahkan lebih banyak lagi situs taruhan olahraga legal, saran regulator” selimut28 Juni 2023

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Videoslots Memulai Layanan iGaming di Ontario - Laporan Kasino
Videoslots Memulai Layanan iGaming di Ontario – Laporan Kasino

siap memperluas area operasi legalnya, setelah memperoleh lisensi beroperasi di provinsi terpadat di Kanada: . Operator tersebut dilisensikan oleh Komisi Perjudian dan Alkohol Ontario, memungkinkannya untuk menawarkan konten iGaming dari mitranya kepada pemain di provinsi tersebut. Merek saudaranya Mr Vegas juga menjangkau yang diatur.

Ontario adalah yang dari jenisnya di Kanada, karena memungkinkan operator pihak ketiga untuk mendapatkan lisensi dan menawarkan online legal dan taruhan olahraga kepada penduduk setempat. Provinsi mengambil persentase dari pendapatan mereka. Tujuan kerangka kerja iGaming adalah untuk menjauhkan pemain dari situs web asing sambil menyimpan sebagian uang di provinsi dan menginvestasikannya kembali.

Operator lain bergabung dengan kancah iGaming

Setelah membeli lisensi, Videoslots kini dapat menawarkan kontennya kepada penumpang di Ontario. Pemain dari provinsi memiliki akses ke konten dari penyedia mitranya seperti Pragmatic Play, Play'n GO, Evolution, Light & Wonder, Pariplay dan Greentube. Kontennya menampilkan fitur keterlibatan pelanggan seperti Battle of Slots, Clash of Spins, dan Wheel of Jackpots.

Wakil kepala eksekutif operator, Ulle Skottling, mengatakan debut Ontario adalah tonggak sejarah lain bagi tim perusahaan. Katanya tim bersemangat tentang prospek untuk menghibur para pemain daerah. Dia menambahkan bahwa masuk akal bagi perusahaan untuk bergabung dengan pasar kompetitif yang didedikasikan untuk menyediakan pekerjaan bagi pemain dan operator.

Entri Ontario adalah lisensi game ketujuh perusahaan, setelah diluncurkan di Malta, Swedia, Denmark, Italia, Spanyol, dan Inggris. Juga, awal bulan ini, operatornya dihukum untuk serangkaian tanggung jawab sosial dan kegagalan anti pencucian uang di Inggris Raya. Pelanggaran mereka tidak memastikan bahwa pelanggan yang menunjukkan perilaku berisiko diidentifikasi berpotensi membahayakan.

Selain itu, perusahaan tersebut dituduh gagal mengidentifikasi apakah pelanggan berisiko mengalami kerugian. Dilaporkan juga bahwa pengguna yang menunjukkan indikator kerusakan masih dapat bertaruh dalam jumlah yang signifikan. Regulator setempat juga menyatakan bahwa operator tidak menyediakan cukup analis AML untuk memproses data atau melakukan tinjauan akun AML.

Peraturan segera hadir di Ontario

Awal bulan ini di Canadian Gaming Summit Tom Mungham, CEO dan Registrar AGCO Dia mengatakan keputusan masuknya iklan taruhan hanya beberapa minggu lagi, bukan bulan. Para pejabat mengatakan mereka menerima 38 tanggapan atas amandemen standar periklanan yang disarankan sebelumnya, termasuk larangan penggunaan bintang olahraga oleh operator dalam iklan.

Sementara itu, slot video juga harus berhati-hati dalam mematuhi Standar Perjudian Internet Ontario, karena AGCO baru-baru ini mengeluarkan denda kepada dua operator di pasar. Dia mengenakan denda uang pada BV Gaming dan Fitzdares Canada Limited karena menawarkan taruhan ilegal pada hoki junior Kanada. Kedua hukuman memiliki ukuran total CA $ 30.000.

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