CSN Claims Casino Strikes are Needlessly Prolonged - Casino Reports
CSN Claims Casino Strikes are Needlessly Prolonged – Casino Reports

Confédération des syndicats nationaux or which represents over 500 currently protesting employees at Lac-Leamy has shifted the blame to the employer, Loto-Québec. The union explained that the only reason for the to be still dragging on to this day is that the Crown corporation is purposefully stalling and an agreement could have been reached already.

The current strikes are not only at Casino Lac-Leamy but at other gaming properties of the employer across the Province of Quebec. Picket lines were first formed in the middle of June 2023, when unionized workers voted in favour of the strike. They demand an additional CA$1 per hour of work for wages to match the increasing cost of living in the province.

Talks Have Stalled

The Hull Resto-Casino Workers' Union which is affiliated with the CSN, representing both workers in the restaurant sector and the gaming site, that the employer has not gone further with the potential agreement due to reasons beyond its control. President Colin Valiquette shared that there are still a few negotiation dates added and talks are quite productive.

But Mr. Valiquette explained that the employer has not taken a step to move the agreement in principle which could have been reached by both sides almost three months after the start of the issue. He clarified that everything is pretty well settled and the only issue remaining on the table is the matter of remuneration. However, he remains intrigued as to why the employer has not moved forward.

Recently, some of the protesting workers shared their thoughts on the situation. One of the protesting staff members, Constantinos Alexiou, commented that life is getting more and more expensive and some workers have trouble making ends meet. He clarified that is why the casino and hotel employees demand proper salaries.

CSN shifted the blame to the Crown corporation for using strikebreakers as security agents at the Casino Montreal in a complaint submitted to the Administrative Labour Tribunal, and suggest that this could also occur at the Gatineau. Mr. Valiquette noted that there is a good chance that complaints will be submitted at the other properties.

However, the employer dismissed those claims and assured that it would not resort to such measures to fill in the blanks of unionized employees. In its statement, the Crown said it was not surprised by the union's complaint in the context of how it managed to continue its operations across casinos since the start of the strikes a few months ago.

Employer Wants to Return to the Negotiation Table

Last month, Loto-Québec issued a statement to address the situation and offered several possible solutions to address the union's concerns. However, according to the employer, those terms were declined in the last two days of discussions. Renaud Dugas claimed the union left the negotiation tables for a third time, and that the company remains open to resume talks.

Source: LeBlanc, Daniel “The strike at the Casino du Lac-Leamy drags on for no reason, says the CSN” LeDroit, September 12, 2023

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Niagara Falls Local Claims CA$100,000 from Online Bingo - Casino Reports
Niagara Falls Local Claims CA$100,000 from Online Bingo – Casino Reports

A resident of , Ontario, has claimed an amazing CA$100,000 in a play on Delta Bingo . The winner preferred to keep their identity a secret, won the hefty windfall on August 5, 2023, in a special jackpot game. Their win was part of a 75-ball game that was held as a portion of a spectacular summer series with over CA$200,000 in prizes.

Delta Bingo Online operates in Ontario under a license awarded to Delta iGaming Inc. and is regulated by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario. As a digital operator, it works in compliance with the Gaming Control Act, of 1992 and the registrar's Standards for iGaming. It partners with over 960 Ontario charities and its service facilities are run by Grand Battery Holdings.

Celebrating a CA$100k Win

In a press release, the online bingo platform reported that a player from Niagara Falls, who preferred to remain anonymous, had won CA$100,000 in a bingo game on Delta Bingo Online. It was revealed that the winner of the prize was the only player to reach a full card and take home the entire windfall from the summer series event.

The bingo operator congratulated the player on winning the platform's largest prize money to this day, explained Andy Buchan who is Director of iGaming for the company. He explained that this was a life-changing win, and the operator was pleased to make it a reality for the player. But it remains unknown how the winner will spend the hefty prize.

Currently, Delta Bingo Online is the online digital provider of bingo offerings in Ontario, as it provides 75-ball bingo and 90-ball bingo with a number of prizes given every day. Also, its players can obtain real money prizes by playing the platform's slot games library. Meanwhile, the operator continues to offer CA$20,000 bingo jackpots every Saturday at 7 p.m.

It should be recalled that Delta Bingo & Gaming launched its Delta Bingo Online at the end of May 2023. The digitalization and debut of its online bingo offering was possible in conjunction with Broadway Gaming, utilizing its cutting-edge Dragonfish software. For the occasion, the operator signed an agreement with the Ontario Charitable Gaming Association.

Helping out Ontarian Charities

A few weeks after its online launch in Ontario, Delta Bingo & Gaming provided over CA$1 million to charities. The funding has been shared between over 150 local charitable organizations and it was collected between the start of March and the end of May. The money will be used to support vital services for residents in the regions.

Funds provided through the Charitable Bingo and Gaming Revitalization program are crucial for food initiatives, education, healthcare, arts and culture, youth sports, and other community-focused services. One of those 150 organizations that relies on gaming allocations from the partnership to fund its operations, is the Our Children, Our Future/Nos enfants, notre avenir.

Source: “Player celebrates $100,000 Win on Delta Bingo Online” PR Newswire, August 23, 2023

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