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Las Vegas Sands Adds Canyon Ranch to NY Casino Bid - Casino Reports
Las Vegas Sands Adds Canyon Ranch to NY Casino Bid – Casino Reports

Vegas is upping its efforts in its pursuit of a full-scale license in downstate New York. Just recently, the gambling leader announced that it has secured the leader in the destination wellness category, Canyon , for its US$4-billion bid for an integrated casino on Long Island at the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum.

New York is in the process of awarding the three available casino licenses in the downstate region. In January, the Gaming Location Facility started a Request for Applications to hear proposals from companies and decide which will be the three winning locations. The panel's decision will return to the New York State Gaming Commission for a final vote.

Securing Another Partner for Nassau County Site

If Las Vegas Sands lands one of the three licenses, the company plans to build a gambling resort, containing a five-star hotel and a casino floor with slot machines, table games, and betting. The project also includes a premium world-class live concert venue, which will honour the live music at the Nassau Coliseum. There will also be plenty of fine restaurants.

Last week, the company bolstered its bid's chances by adding Canyon Ranch into the mix. The latter owns and operates two resort locations, which are designed to focus on health and well-being. The two properties are located in Lenox, Massachusetts, and Tucson, Arizona, and they provide clients with a wide selection of services and amenities.

In its package of services, CR provides amenities in spa and beauty, fitness, nutrition, health, mind, and spirit. Via, this partnership, the company could provide its world-class services and a spa if the bid gets one of the licenses. However, their stays are not exactly cheap, as for instance its “Lifestyle Reset” package, starts at US$1,1000 a night before fees and taxes.

Still a Long Way to Go

However, it should be explained that Las Vegas Sands and its partner still have a long way ahead of them before acquiring one of the licenses and there is no guarantee that they will. This is due to the fact that there are plenty of candidates and two of the licenses are almost nailed on for Resorts World New York City in Queens, and Empire City Casino in Yonkers.

Still, the company's chances have improved over the last couple of months, as it received a boost from the Nassau County Legislature. In May 2023, the legislature voted 17-1 in favour of granting the lease to the gambling leader, potentially paving its way to launch a world-class casino resort. They cited job creation and economic prosperity for the region as reasoning.

But there are people who are not fans of having a casino complex in Nassau County. For example, trustees from Hofstra University sent an open letter about the proposed gaming project describing it as “entirely inappropriate.” On top of that, a group of locals created a group titled Say No to the Casino Civic Association and demonstrated against it.

Source: O'Connor, Devin “Sands Long Island Casino Bid Joined by Integrative Wellness Leader Canyon Ranch”, July 28, 2023

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Patrons Unimpressed with Great Canadian Casino Toronto - Casino Reports
Patrons Unimpressed with Great Canadian Casino Toronto – Casino Reports

Canadian opened just over a month ago, but some of its are not exactly pleased with the state of the CA$1-billion gaming resort. Great Canadian Entertainment's new site was promised to revolutionize Toronto's entertainment landscape, but the early customer feedback suggests that the property may not be up to standard.

Located in near proximity to Woodbine Racetrack, Toronto's newest gambling establishment cost approximately CA$1 billion and provides work to around 2,000 people. It is the largest casino in the country, boasting 328,000 square feet of gaming space, which is equipped with 4,800 slots, 145 live tables, 400 hotel rooms, and an enormous live show venue.

Initial Feedback is Not Positive

Despite the CA$1 billion investment, some of the patrons of the new casino are not quite satisfied with their experience. One of the guests, Jeff, who visited the gaming resort in July, commented that the property was still mostly under construction. He described the casino as a converted warehouse with leftover equipment from failed locations.

Meanwhile, others compared it to Las and came to the conclusion that it is still far from such. Another visitor, Carmen, said the property that launched in June 2023 had no atmosphere and admitted that she prefers both Niagara Falls casinos to this one. Others such as Greg, find it difficult to see how this is a billion-dollar casino, and said that his expectations were low in the first place.

Another issue among clients is its table limits, with patrons unhappy with the minimum bets on some tables. Michael Sauro advised the property to do some research on the topic. He argues that minimum wagers on table games should not always be CA$50-100 as it drives people away. Meanwhile, other clients complained that there were not enough cashiers working on a Saturday night.

According to reports, the new resort is on schedule to generate CA$500 in economic impact for Ontario, and Toronto raking in CA$357 million, which is more than the previous Casino Woodbine. On top of that, the province also receives plenty of capital from the province's regulated market for online gambling and which also boosts the local economy.

Hotel Opens on August 1

But it should also be mentioned that the new gambling resort in Toronto is still in its opening stages, as some of its amenities are gradually launched. For instance, the casino's hotel will kick off operations on August 1, 2023. In addition to that, the resort will also offer a premium poker room, which will be open to the public later in the summer.

Previously, the company said that the new poker room will accommodate the local market's poker player base. Once operational, it will offer 30 tables on a completely private floor with electronic table games and slots for those who are waiting for a spot. It will also feature ‘No Limit' and ‘Limit' at different levels, hence providing exciting playing options.

Source: Phelan, Colm “Great Canadian Casino Reviews Uninspiring Since Grand Opening”, July 28, 2023

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Sports Betting Exchange STX Makes Official Ontario Debut - Casino Reports
Sports Betting Exchange STX Makes Official Ontario Debut – Casino Reports

This week, the province of and its regulated market for iGaming, witnessed the launch of the first sports , STX, in the digital sector. The platform earned its license from the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario to legally operate in the province earlier this year and is now up and running for users of legal age to place their sports wagers.

In April 2022, Ontario became the first province to open up its regulated market for gambling and sports betting to the private sector. The legal framework is overseen by and iGaming Ontario and it was introduced to take away the online gambling monopoly from the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation and keep local bettors away from offshore websites.

First of Its Kind in Ontario

After its launch, Canada's most populous province marks the first regulated market where STX can offer its services. The platform is not a traditional sportsbook, as it is an exchange allowing users to determine the odds of a betting market. Via the STX app, players can place trades in the betting markets once both buyer and seller find a middle ground on their pricing.

One of the positives of a sports betting exchange is that it comes with lower fees than the ones of traditional sports betting platforms. For instance, instead of placing CA$110 to CA$100 on a team to cover the spread of 3 points against another team, players can now just put CA$100 for the same bet and wait for another customer of the exchange to accept and match it.

Also, the exchange kicked off work in the province in collaboration with the U.S. Integrity monitory service to ensure user fairness and equal opportunity. It enables users to make transactions at any time of the day and every day of the week. The company also shared plans of eyeing a launch of an all-in-one sportsbook betting exchange outside of the province.

Its introduction to Ontario is the result of wagering exchanges looking at promising businesses in a competitive sports wagering sector. This April, Prophet Exchange generated more than U$10 million in funding. This is the first licensed peer-to-peer sports betting exchange in the U.S. and now the company wants to expand to new leading markets.

Q1 in Numbers

It remains to be seen how STX will perform in Ontario's highly competitive sector. Just this month, the province issued its report for the first quarter of the financial 2023-2024. For Q1, generated approximately CA$14 billion in wagering handle, which transformed into CA$545 million in gaming revenue. At the end of the quarter, there were 46 operators online, which ran 71 gaming websites

However, the majority of bets were placed under the iGaming category, which captured nearly CA$11.6 billion or 83% of total wagers. It delivered CA$392 million or 72% of the gaming revenue. Meanwhile, betting on sports, eSports, and novelty bets contributed CA$2 billion or 14% of the total gaming handle and CA$138 million or 25% of the proceeds.

Source: Byers, Justin “Ontario's First Sports Betting Exchange Goes Live” Covers, July 27, 2023

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Quebec Bars Money-Laundering Convicts from Entering Casinos - Casino Reports
Quebec Bars Money-Laundering Convicts from Entering Casinos – Casino Reports

The government of has upped its fight against money laundering at a notch. Just recently, the province announced a new regulation which will prohibit people convicted of crimes such as money washing and forgery from stepping foot at its casinos. All legal gaming amenities in the province are owned by Loto-Québec, with the exception of the Indigenous community ones.

The Crown is concerned that such individuals could affect the integrity of its casinos or undermine the public trust in them. The mentioned crimes are money laundering, forgery, violations of the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act and charging interest at a criminal rate. People convicted of or have pleaded guilty to such crimes in the last five years will not be welcome at its properties.

Protecting the Integrity of the Industry

In a press release from this week, Claudia Loupret, a spokesperson for Quebec Finance Minister Eric Girard, commented that Loto-Québec and the local government seek the highest standards of responsible gambling and financial integrity for the provincial casinos. She remarked that the local administration has faith in the regulator to implement the new regulations.

According to the province, the new rules will be put into motion in about six weeks, and the decision follows a 2021 audit by Deloitte into the presence in casinos of members of organized criminal groups. The audit was ordered by Mr. Girard after media claimed that organized crime groups received VIP treatment at the Crown agency's Montreal.

The review looked into money laundering, loansharking, the Crown's loyalty program and existing protocols to ensure the security of casino staff. One of the recommendations of the audit was for the regulator to be given the ability to bar individuals connected to crime. Now, more than two years later, the minister's office has decided to follow up on the suggestion.

The Crown corporation further commented that the new protocol will the many other security measures which are already implemented at its gambling establishments to battle money laundering attempts. According to the agency, the new changes will also make sure that the casinos would be safer for both staff and its numerous employees.

Patrice Poitevin, from the Centre of Excellence for Anti-Corruption, said the new anti-money laundering regulation is a positive step. In his words, making it harder for criminals to use casinos for money laundering is crucial, as they become more prone to errors when forced to change their tactics. He also noted casino's vulnerability lies in converting money to chips and then cashing out as gambling winnings.

B.C. Casinos Also Targeted by Criminals

The Province of British Columbia has also dealt with an immense volume of money laundering activities by crime groups. In June 2022, Cullen's Commission issued its final report from its inquiry into the topic. It found money washing reached incredibly high levels, due to ineffective efforts by the RCMP, politicians, and regulators.

Source: Serebin, Jacob “Quebec to ban those with money-laundering, forgery convictions from casinos” Global News, July 27, 2023

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Two Tickets Trigger Lotto Max Jackpot Worth CA$70 Million - Casino Reports
Two Tickets Trigger Lotto Max Jackpot Worth CA$70 Million – Casino Reports

The wait is over, as the Lotto jackpot CA$70,000,000 has finally been claimed this week. According to the British Columbia Lottery Corporation, two ticket holders from Western will share the staggering prize. One of the winners is from Kamloops in B.C. while the other one resides in Alberta. Each will take home CA$35 .

Lotto Max is a major hit among lottery players, as for 2022 alone, local ticket holders claimed just over CA$802 million in prize money. These amounts were claimed from more than 100 million winning , sold at retailers across the province or Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley collected the largest portion of the pool with CA$382.1 million.

Looking for the Two Big Winners

Players have also been cashing out through 2023 as well. In a recent press release, BCLC confirmed the jackpot of CA$70,000,000 from the Tuesday, July 25, 2023 draw has been activated by two ticket holders. The two players are from Kamloops, B.C. and Alberta. They have up to 52 weeks to contact their respective provincial lottery and claim the windfall.

However, the draw also gave away several other cash winnings, as eighty people from all around the country matched six of the seven winning numbers for the round. Each of those will take home CA$4,246, while another 196 tickets matched five of the seven numbers. Those ticket holders CA$1,040. Winning numbers from the draw were 15, 16, 17, 18, 43, 44, and 48 while the bonus was 50.

In addition to that, Tuesday's draw also offered several Maxmillion prizes with 10 of them being won by 10 players across the country. Eight of those 10 players won CA$1 million each, with two of the tickets residing in Vancouver and Delta, B.C. Meanwhile, one Maxmillion tickets between two players from Shuswap and , each claiming a hefty CA$500,000.

More Lotto Max Highlights from B.C.

To this date, the largest recorder lottery wins in the province date back to September 2021, when Christine Lauzon took home a CA$70 million prize from Lotto Max. She chose her numbers through the Quick Pick option and she bought her ticket at the Shopper Drug Mart on Hastings Street in Burnaby. She discovered her win, by checking her ticket with the Crown's Lotto! app.

Since then, British Columbians have also cashed out on other hefty winnings from Lotto Max. Just recently, a man from Vancouver Island won a Lotto Max jackpot worth CA$55 million. The winner was William Scott Gurney who is now part of the lottery-made multi-millionaires. His winning ticket matched the winning numbers in the February 28, 2023 draw.

Mr. Gurney claimed his mega prize on April 4, 2023, at a BCLC award centre. The Sidney resident who works as a bookkeeper is now looking for someone to take care of his clients as he plans to take a break. With the prize money, he plans to help his family financially and purchase a property on Vancouver Island.

Source: Potenteau, Doyle “Lotto Max ticket in B.C. splits $70 million jackpot” Global News, July 26, 2023

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NYRA Meningkatkan Dompet untuk Kompetisi Lintasan Balap Saratoga - Laporan Kasino
NYRA Offers Trading Cards to Support Disabled Jockey’s Fund – Casino Reports

The New York Racing Association is set to the jockey colony at its Saratoga Race Course, by offering jockey trading over the upcoming weekend of racing. This will also correspond with Permanently ' Awareness Day on Saturday, July 29, 2023. These limited-edition cards will generate some revenue to support the cause.

PDJF Awareness Day is held across all of the U.S. and for the occasion, will give visitors a chance to buy a pack of five jockey trading cards for US$5. There is a limit of three packs per person, and these cards adopt a similar design to baseball trading cards, and the limited-edition product will feature 20 of Saratoga Race Course's active and most popular jockeys.

Raising Funds and Funds for the Initiative

According to the horse racing association's press release, many of the jockeys represented on the new trading cards will be available from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. for an autograph signing at the Jockey Silks Porch. Also, suggested donations are encouraged. PDJF President Nancy LaSala said on Saturday the industry will also recognize The Americans with Disabilities Act.

She added that on this day, the PDJF invites all race tracks to coordinate with their local jockey colony and organize fundraisers and raise awareness about how important the day is. She also thanked NYRA for engineering this collector series of trading cards and making them available to fans in for a modest donation to the PDJF.

These cards will contain National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame inductees Javier Castellano and John Velazquez. Other jockeys include Junior Alvarado, Eric Cancel, Kendrick Carmouche, Dylan Davis, Jacqueline Davis, Manuel Franco, Tyler Gaffalione, Florent Geroux, Julien Leparoux, Jose Lezcano, Katie Davis McCarthy, Trevor McCarthy, Irad Ortiz Jr., Jose Ortiz, Flavien Prat, Joel Rosario, Luis Saez, and Ricardo Santana Jr.

According to NYRA, there will be 4,500 total packs for purchase and all of its proceeds will be given to PDJF. Cards will be randomly put into each pack and feature the jockey's picture and home country flag on the front with personal details and racing stats on the back. Also, PDJF will be at the track to collect donations and sell the cards inside Gate 1.

Another Exciting Summer Meet Underway

The middle of July 2023 saw the start of another 40-day summer meet at Saratoga Race Course. It started on July 13 and will feature more than 70 stakes events with horses competing for over US$20 in purses. Some highlight events from the meet include the 96th running of the Whitney on August 5 and the 154th Travers on August 26.

The track's summer meet is a major horse racing event that generates plenty of benefits to the local economy. A study by Saratoga County Industrial Development Agency found that the track generates approximately US$371 million impact for the region. Around US$7.3 million of tax proceeds goes to New York State, with another almost US$2.4 million issued to Saratoga County and around US$2.1 million to Saratoga Springs.

Source: “Saratoga Race Course: NYRA to launch and sell jockey trading cards Saturday to support Disabled Jockeys' Fund” The Daily Gazette, July 26, 2023

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AGCO Selects New Board Chair while Operators Await Ads Verdict - Casino Reports
AGCO Selects New Board Chair while Operators Await Ads Verdict – Casino Reports

Alcohol and Gaming Commission of , the regulator of online sports betting in the province, is making some personnel changes in its of Directors. The regulator announced that Dave Forestell has been assigned as the new of the Board. Mr. Forestell was already part of the Board while also being Chair of 's subsidiary iGaming Ontario.

Recently, representatives of the iGaming watchdog shared that the decision on the provincial market's marketing changes is just weeks away. However, the regulator is still yet to provide its official on the widely-discussed and heavy sports betting in the province, which have aggravated local parents and raised concerns among gambling experts.

Still No Update on New Standards

While the province's regulated market awaits a decision from AGCO, the commission has made changes to its Board of Directors. The Board will now be chaired by Mr. Forestell who prior to that was part of iGaming Ontario. But, according to a press release, he stepped down from the iGO role to move to the commission. Hence leaving the prior without a Board Chair.

The news about the personnel changes comes on the back of a previous announcement that the watchdog's Registrar and Chief Executive Officer, Tom Mungham, will retire later in 2023. A while back the commission informed that Mr. Mungham will continue in his role while the board was looking for his successor. However, such has not been named yet.

The changes on its board could be a reason why the regulator is yet to provide a final decision on the marketing rules amendments for online gambling in the province. Back in April, AGCO proposed banning the use of pro athletes, celebrities, and influencers in iGaming ads, as a protection measure, due to the many young people watching sports games.

After AGCO's proposal, there was a comment period for the industry which concluded on May 15, 2023. Then at the Gaming Summit in the middle of June, Mr. Mungham, insisted that the final decision on the matter was just weeks away and not months. However, since then, there has been no official word on the new marketing standards for online gambling in Ontario.

Recent Numbers from the iGaming Sector

Just last week, iGaming Ontario issued its fiscal report on the regulated market for iGaming for the first quarter of the 2023-2024 FY. For the period between April 1 through June 30, 2023, the province's online gambling operators handled the online betting volume of CA$14 billion, which transformed into approximately CA$545 in gaming revenue.

At the end of the quarter, there were 46 operators online, which ran 71 gaming websites. There were 920k active user accounts, which had an average monthly spend of CA$197. The total wagering volume was compiled of games, including slots, live and computer-based table games and peer-to-peer bingo which accounted for nearly CA$11.6 billion or 83% of total wagers

Source: Zochodne, Geoff “Ontario Regulator Rejigs Leadership as Sports Betting Sites Marketing Decisions” Covers, July 25, 2023

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Ontarians Bet for Canada to Win Women’s World Cup - Casino Reports
Ontarians Bet for Canada to Win Women’s World Cup – Casino Reports

's women's soccer team kicked off its Women's World Cup campaign with a goalless draw with Nigeria, Ontarian bettors still fancy the team's chances to win the tournament. According to theScore , one of the province's legal sportsbooks, as of Monday afternoon, over half of Ontario's bettors backed the team to go all the way and win the championship.

The next game of the team is scheduled for Wednesday at 8 a.m. ET as the Canadians face Ireland. It should be said that the expectations around the team are high, as the team is the defending Olympic women's soccer champion. The team won gold at the 2020 Games in Tokyo after consecutive bronze medals in 2012 at London and 2016 in Rio.

Demonstrate their

Aubrey Levy, Senior Vice President of Content and Marketing, theScore recently shared that attention and awareness of the women's team spiked on the back of the Olympic win. She said that momentum and the drawing of attention are generating compelling hometown activity. She noted that the Nigeria draw was a surprise, but believes that it won't change people's expectations.

According to the latest odds, Canada is currently 50-1 to win the World Cup, which is a long shot. The country is behind the United States with 9/4 which is the favourite for the trophy, England with 6-1, the host Australia with 12-1, France with 18-1, and the Netherlands with 20-1. However, Ontarian bettors fancy the team's chances and are quite supportive of the team.

The Senior VP noted that the hometown love for the team is real, and according to him, it further supports, when people rally and come out to bet their hearts on the tournament, just as they did in the Men's World Cup in December 2022. Currently, the Canadian team is the crowd's favourite to win against Ireland with odds of minus-155.

With these odds, a successful wager of CA$155 on the team to win would result in a net win of CA$100. Also, the clash between the two teams is plus-240 to result in a draw, and an Irish win would be a plus-425. A successful bet of CA$100 on a draw or a win for Ireland would bring CA$240 for a tie and CA$425 for the underdog's win.

Focusing on Ontario Expansion

It should be mentioned that in October 2021, theScore Bet was acquired by Penn National Gaming and shortly after that, the operator announced that it will be suspending its U.S. activities. The company had trouble adjusting to the local markets, and its idea is to focus its attention and effort on other regulated jurisdictions, such as its home turf Ontario.

After becoming part of the province's legal market for digital gambling and , theScore inked a partnership with MLB's Blue Jays. The agreement was the team's first-ever gaming-related collaboration and it will run for the next 10 years. Via the deal, the operator was allowed to launch a premium sports bar and restaurant at Rogers Centre and much more.

Source: Ralph, Dan “Ontario sports bettors supporting Canadian women's soccer team” Global News, July 25, 2023

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Lotto Max Jackpot Mencapai CA$70 Juta di Babak Berikutnya - Laporan Kasino
Lotto Max Jackpot Mencapai CA$70 Juta di Babak Berikutnya – Laporan Kasino

Max sekali lagi menawarkan hadiah yang mengubah hidup, karena permainan tidak diklaim setelah pengundian terbaru. Artinya, hadiah utama akan tetap sebesar CA$70.000.000 untuk pengundian game berikutnya pada hari Jumat, 25 Juli 2023. Selain itu, akan ada banyak MaxMillions yang diperebutkan.

Sebagai salah satu produk lotere paling populer di seluruh Kanada, Lotto Max menawarkan beberapa hadiah paling menarik, dengan jackpotnya mampu C$70 yang mengejutkan, seperti halnya undian berikutnya. Selain itu, gim ini juga menawarkan hadiah Maxmillion, yang muncul setelah jackpot melebihi 50 juta dolar Kanada, dan masing-masing memiliki satu juta dolar Kanada.

Hadiah menarik lainnya

Menurut Lotere Kanada, tidak ada pemegang tiket yang mencocokkan ketujuh nomor pemenang jackpot selama pengundian terakhir pada 21 Juli 2023. Oleh karena itu, mega hadiah C$70 juta akan dipindahkan ke pengundian berikutnya. Untuk bagiannya, nomor pemenang dari pengundian sebelumnya adalah 04, 08, 14, 25, 28, 40 dan 41, dan nomor bonusnya adalah 06.

Sekarang, pemain akan memiliki kesempatan lain untuk memenangkan hadiah yang mengubah hidup, karena pengundian berikutnya untuk permainan berbasis undian nasional akan dilakukan Selasa, 25 Juli 2023. Tiket untuk permainan dapat dibeli di salah satu dari banyak pengecer resmi di seluruh negeri dan online melalui salah satu platform iGaming yang diatur oleh provinsi, tergantung pada lokasi masing-masing provinsi.

Meskipun tidak ada tiket yang memenuhi syarat untuk mega jackpot, pengundian Jumat lalu masih beberapa rejeki nomplok yang menarik dengan angka enam dan tujuh. Lima dari 20 Maxmillions undian diklaim oleh pemain dari dan . Selain itu, empat orang lainnya mencocokkan enam dari tujuh angka dan membawa pulang lebih dari CA$371.000. Salah satu tiketnya ada di Nechako Lakes, BC

Tiket senilai CA$70 juta kedaluwarsa

Berbicara tentang hadiah sebesar C$70 juta, pada bulan Juni, Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation mengingatkan para pemainnya bahwa tiket senilai nilai tersebut akan segera kedaluwarsa. Tiket dibeli di Scarborough untuk Pengundian untuk 28 Juni 2022 permainan, dan dijadwalkan berakhir 52 minggu kemudian. Ini karena batas waktu yang ditentukan oleh undian provinsi untuk mengklaim hadiah undian.

Tak lama setelah tenggat waktu, OLG mengatakan tiket kemungkinan besar tidak akan diklaim. tidak divalidasi melalui terminal OLG. Terungkap bahwa Crown Corporation menerima lebih dari 1.100 klaim dari orang-orang yang mengaku kehilangan tiket. Jika pemenang tidak ditemukan, hadiah jackpot akan ditempatkan pada pengundian dalam game yang akan datang.

Agensi Crown menjelaskan bahwa karena tingginya jumlah klaim tiket yang hilang, salah satu tim penyelidik lotre yang berdedikasi perlu meluangkan waktu untuk meninjau semua klaim yang dibuat sebelum batas waktu 28 Juni. Setelah melalui proses evaluasi yang menyeluruh. dibuat oleh ahlinyaCrown akan memberikan pembaruan lebih lanjut tentang para pemenang.

Sumber: “Tidak ada pemenang akhir pekan ini berarti jackpot Lotto Max senilai $70 juta masih diperebutkan” Sekarang24 Juli 2023

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Pickering Casino Resort Menghasilkan Pendapatan Dapat $6 Juta Di Kuartal 1 - Laporan Kasino
Pickering Casino Resort Menghasilkan Pendapatan Dapat $6 Juta Di Kuartal 1 – Laporan Kasino

Selama seminggu terakhir, Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation mengirimkan alokasi permainan triwulanannya ke komunitas tuan rumah . City of menerima satu nilai lebih dari CA$6 untuk hosting Pickering . Menurut OLG, total 29 komunitas tuan rumah menerima CA$43.534.007 untuk kuartal pertama 2023-2024.

Ditandatangani lebih dari dua dekade lalu, Perjanjian Kontribusi Kota memungkinkan perusahaan Crown untuk berbagi sebagian dari game dengan komunitas yang menjadi tuan rumah kasino. Alokasi komunitas tuan rumah ditentukan berdasarkan formula yang diterapkan di semua tempat perjudian Ontario melalui skala bertahap dari pendapatan perjudian di setiap properti.

Pembayaran tiba Q1

Untuk kuartal 1 April 2023 hingga 30 Juni 2023, atau kuartal pertama 2023-2024, Kota Pickering mengantongi pembayaran senilai 6.126.075 dolar Kanada untuk menjadi tuan rumah Resor Kasino Pickering. Meskipun kasino baru diluncurkan pada Juli 2021, kasino tersebut telah menyumbangkan lebih dari CA$30 juta pendapatan perjudian bukan pajak ke kas kota. Karenanya pembiayaan proyek-proyek penting di masyarakat.

MPP Pickering-Uxbridge Peter Bethlenfalvy menyatakan beberapa waktu lalu bahwa komunitas tuan rumah mendukung program dan layanan komunitas yang penting dan meningkatkan infrastruktur lokal mereka melalui tunjangan game ini. Dia menambahkan bahwa tunjangan ini membantu mendanai program dan layanan penting yang diandalkan oleh penduduk di masa depan. Sejak tahun 1994, masyarakat telah menerima lebih dari CA$2 miliar pendapatan tersebut.

Bagikan keuntungan dengan Durham

Pada bulan Maret 2023, kota tersebut setuju untuk membagi sebagian dari pendapatan kasinonya dengan wilayah Durham. Walikota Pickering Kevin Ashe mengatakan kota itu mengambil langkah proaktif untuk membangun komunitas yang lebih kuat dan lebih adil untuk semua dengan berbagi alokasi kasino. Durham diharapkan menggunakan persentase dari uang itu untuk membiayai proyek perumahan sosial.

Kontrak tersebut berlaku surut hingga 1 Januari 2023 dan menyediakan Pickering tersebut mempertahankan pendapatan CA$10 juta pertama dari OLG, lalu bagikan saldo secara merata dengan Durham. Ada batas CA $ 8 juta per tahun. Perkiraan menunjukkan bahwa kota tersebut sekitar CA$16 juta dari kasino setiap tahunnya, yang berarti CA$3 juta setiap tahun untuk wilayah tersebut.

Sekarang mempromosikan hotel premium

Sebagai kompleks perjudian yang relatif baru, Pickering Casino Resort mulai beroperasi pada Juli 2021, tetapi hotelnya mulai beroperasi Januari ini. Hotel Resor Kasino Pickering memiliki 275 kamar mulai dari 388 kaki persegi hingga 775 kaki persegi. Ada juga 33 suite mewah dan luas yang dilengkapi dengan ruang tamu terpisah dan 22 kamar yang dapat diakses dengan pengaturan yang bijaksana dan nyaman.

Setiap kamar dan suite memiliki nuansa hunian dan banyak fasilitas, pemandangan kota atau danau yang menakjubkan, fasilitas seperti Wifi gratis, kulkas, brankas, smart TV 55 inci, serta parkir gratis. Untuk peluncurannya, operator memperkenalkan keuntungan khusus hingga 31 Januari 2023, sehingga anggota Great Rewards dapat memanfaatkan diskon khusus.

Sumber: “Pickering menerima lebih dari $6 juta untuk hosting kasino dari 1 April hingga 30 Juni” Wilayah Durham21 Juli 2023

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