AGCO Fines Casino Woodbine Over Unlawful Dealer Activity - Casino Reports
AGCO Fines Casino Woodbine Over Unlawful Dealer Activity – Casino Reports

The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of which oversees gambling in the Heartland Province has issued a sizeable monetary fine to Ontario Gaming GTA Limited Partnership. The penalty is about an incident at , where a table dealer was caught red-handed in colluding with patrons and was accused of a cheat-at-play.

The case dates back to April 2023, when the Ontario Province Police and Enforcement Bureau investigation in conjunction with the AGCO led to criminal charges against five individuals. These charges derive from an inquiry into allegations that an electronic craps dealer at the Toronto casinos was scheming with those patrons to defraud the gaming amenity.

Slapped with a CA$80,000 Fine

After the investigation, AGCO's Regulatory Compliance Branch conducted a thorough compliance review to assess the casino's commitment to the Gaming Control Act, 1992 and the Registrar's Standards for Gaming. The regulator determined the establishment failed to detect or take appropriate action to prevent the cheat-at-play and the dealer collusion scheme.

The investigation concluded that internal financial and emails saw drastic and abnormal losses from electronic craps games over a six-month window, but the casino did not act on it. Also, table games supervisors were commonly not present at the craps table when suspicious gambling transpired. Video footage also confirmed the casino failed to follow the required rules and protocols.

Furthermore, AGCO's statement continues that although the casino had issued the dealer with seven violations for inappropriately pushing dice to patrons before closing bets, the dealer was allowed to continue dealing with electronic craps. Still, the gaming property fully cooperated with the watchdog's regulatory review and it is now committed to addressing its deficiencies.

After the review, the operator was issued a Monetary Penalty by the regulator in the size of CA$80,000. However, the gaming operator has the right to appeal the Registrar's decision to the License Appeal Tribunal. According to the AGCO, in its inability to prevent the cheat-at-play the casino property breached Standards 4.3, 4.14, and 6.1 of the Registrar's Standards for Gaming.

Online are also Under Scrutiny

As a regulator for all legal gambling in the province, AGCO has also sanctioned monetary penalties to private operators who are licensed to offer lawful gaming in the jurisdiction. This includes a CA$48,000 to Unibet over breaching the provincial rules by publishing and broadcasting ads stating that offered generous welcome bonuses for new users.

Before that, the iGaming regulator also fined BetMGM and PointsBet Canada for alleged advertising and inducement breaches. BetMGM was fined CA$48,000 for failing to comply with Standard 2.04 and 2.05. While PointsBet Canada was penalized CA$30,000 for also breaching Standard 2.05. Standard 2.04 companies from marketing gambling inducements, bonuses, and credits unless a player has given active consent.

Source: “AGCO issues $80,000 penalty related to dealer cheat scheme at Woodbine Casino” GlobeNewswire, September 13, 2023

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AGCO Prohibits Athletes from Featuring in iGaming Ads - Casino Reports
AGCO Prohibits Athletes from Featuring in iGaming Ads – Casino Reports

The Alcohol and Gaming Commission certainly took its time but now it has finally made changes to the advertisements rules in the province after concerns about an influx of betting . In a press, the announced that it has updated the Registrar's Standards for Internet Gaming to ban the use of in such endorsements, in order to protect children.

Last year, introduced an open online gambling and sports betting market for private , which attracted numerous brands to the local iGaming scenery. However, this has led to an influx of ads some very prominent names from sports or celebrities, endorsing gambling platforms. This became a concern for adults and gambling experts in the province.

New Rules Go into Effect Next Year

said that the changes will prohibit athletes from featuring in iGaming ads, as a way of protecting children as many say they have been overexposed to such commercials. Standards have also been updated to restrict the use of celebrities who could be appealing to minors. According to the iGaming watchdog, the new restrictions will come into effect on February 28, 2024.

After the first year of iGaming, AGCO identified advertising and marketing approaches that use sports stars and celebrities with an appeal to minors, as potential harm to those under gambling age. That is why it introduced a proposal to ban such athletes from ads. The regulator heard input from a wide range of stakeholders, gambling experts, operators, broadcast and marketing groups, and the public.

After the consultation process, AGCO decided that the ban would help protect children and youth who can be susceptible to such marketing. Now, its updated standards prohibit provincially licensed operators from using active or retired athletes in gaming marketing and advertising. There is an exception, as such sports people can be used to promote responsible gambling practices.

Furthermore, the amended Standards for Internet Gaming limit the use of celebrities, role models, social media influencers, entertainers, cartoon figures and symbols that are implied to appeal to minors. These changes bolster the existing standard that, before the recent updates, banned the use of advertising and marketing content with a primary appeal to minors.

Market Still Brings Plenty of Benefits

Despite the possible risk of affecting younger demographics, Ontario's iGaming market delivers plenty of positives to the province. Recently, it was reported the first quarter of 2023-2024, or the period between April 1 through June 30, 2023, the province handled an online betting volume of CA$14 billion. This translated into CA$545 million in gaming revenue.

In addition to revenue, it was also revealed that the province's competitive online gambling model has also brought approximately 10,000 jobs, reported Deloitte. It provided more than 1,800 direct jobs with an average of CA$103,000 in annual compensation. the market generated another 7,900 indirect jobs which were created by suppliers to those gambling brands.

Source: “AGCO to ban athletes in Ontario's igaming advertising to protect minors” AGCO, August 29, 2023

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AGCO Green Lights Woodbine Ent.’s Post-Time Request - Casino Reports
AGCO Green Lights Woodbine Ent.’s Post-Time Request – Casino Reports

Just recently, the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario approved a to change post times made by Entertainment Group. Now, the Registrar of the will allow the horse racing operator to change post times for several races at Woodbine Mohawk Park. The races are part of the September 19, 2023, and September 21, 2023 cards.

As the leading operator for world-class horse racing in Ontario, Woodbine Entertainment owns and operates the Thoroughbred, Woodbine Racetrack, and the Standardbred, Woodbine Mohawk Park. The latter is a harness racing track located in Campbellville, which also touts a machine parlour with over 1,000 machines, operated by Great Canadian Entertainment.

Request Accepted

On the last day of July 2023, the Registrar of the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario has given its light to change the post times for two September 2023 race dates at the track. The post times for the 2023 race dates on Tuesday, September 19 and Thursday, September 21 have been changed from 7 p.m. to 5:35 p.m.

Woodbine Entertainment's application for the changes of the post times of the 2023 race date calendar was reviewed by Ontario Racing and Ontario Lotter and Gaming Corporation. Then, both entities made recommendations for the approval of the request. The permitted changes to the 2023 schedule are also conditional upon approval by the Canadian Pari-Mutuel Agency.

Celebrating 60th Anniversary

Woodbine Mohawk Park is one of the leading tracks when it comes to live horse racing in Ontario and North America. Earlier this year, the establishment celebrated 60 years of world-class racing, which has brought some incredible memories to spectators, while also being quite beneficial for the sport of horse racing and the province.

For its celebrations, the track provided treats to fans, as the first 300 fans through the doors during the celebratory weekend received cupcakes. There was also strolling entertainment and a specialty drink. One of the cards featured a celebratory program, and for the occasion, its seventh race was titled the “Mohawk 60th Anniversary Pace”.

Studying the Effect of Horse Races

In the meantime, the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation is looking into the impact of horse racing. The Crown will be compiling a study on the post-unprecedented situation in the Ontario sector. Its purpose is to quantify the current economic impact of the provincial horse racing industry and will be done with help from provincial horse racing groups and associations.

OLG is looking to better understand how the horse racing sector has changed since the Crown agency's first comprehensive economic impact study. It was done back in 2019. The new one started in late June 2023, while the corporation will also provide a survey questionnaire that will be made available through industry associations.

Source: “AGCO Approves Mohawk Post Time Change” Standardbred Canada, July 31, 2023

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AGCO Selects New Board Chair while Operators Await Ads Verdict - Casino Reports
AGCO Selects New Board Chair while Operators Await Ads Verdict – Casino Reports

Alcohol and Gaming Commission of , the of online sports betting in the province, is making some personnel changes in its of Directors. The regulator announced that Dave Forestell has been assigned as the new of the Board. Mr. Forestell was already part of the Board while also being Chair of AGCO's subsidiary Ontario.

Recently, representatives of the iGaming watchdog shared that the decision on the provincial market's marketing changes is just weeks away. However, the regulator is still yet to provide its official verdict on the widely-discussed and heavy sports betting in the province, which have aggravated local parents and raised concerns among gambling experts.

Still No Update on New Standards

While the province's regulated market awaits a decision from AGCO, the commission has made changes to its Board of Directors. The Board will now be chaired by Mr. Forestell who prior to that was part of iGaming Ontario. But, according to a press release, he stepped down from the iGO role to move to the commission. Hence leaving the prior without a Board Chair.

The news about the personnel changes comes on the back of a previous announcement that the watchdog's Registrar and Chief Executive Officer, Tom Mungham, will retire later in 2023. A while back the commission informed that Mr. Mungham will continue in his role while the board was looking for his successor. However, such has not been named yet.

The changes on its board could be a reason why the regulator is yet to provide a final decision on the marketing rules amendments for online gambling operators in the province. Back in April, AGCO proposed banning the use of pro , celebrities, and influencers in iGaming ads, as a protection measure, due to the many young people watching sports games.

After AGCO's proposal, there was a comment period for the industry which concluded on May 15, 2023. Then at the Gaming Summit in the middle of June, Mr. Mungham, insisted that the final decision on the matter was just weeks away and not months. However, since then, there has been no official word on the new marketing standards for online gambling in Ontario.

Recent Numbers from the iGaming Sector

Just last week, iGaming Ontario issued its fiscal report on the regulated market for iGaming for the first quarter of the 2023-2024 FY. For the period between April 1 through June 30, 2023, the province's online gambling operators handled the online betting volume of CA$14 billion, which transformed into approximately CA$545 million in gaming revenue.

At the end of the quarter, there were 46 operators online, which ran 71 gaming websites. There were 920k active user accounts, which had an average monthly spend of CA$197. The total wagering volume was compiled of games, including slots, live and computer-based table games and peer-to-peer bingo which accounted for nearly CA$11.6 billion or 83% of total wagers

Source: Zochodne, Geoff “Ontario Regulator Rejigs Leadership as Sports Betting Sites Marketing Decisions” Covers, July 25, 2023

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Pasar iGaming Ontario Akan Tumbuh, Kata AGCO - Laporan Kasino
Pasar iGaming Ontario Akan Tumbuh, Kata AGCO – Laporan Kasino

Pasar iGaming baru telah naik ke lima yurisdiksi teratas di Amerika Utara, setelah melihat 55 operator berlisensi sejak diluncurkan. Tetapi Komisi Perjudian dan Alkohol Ontario memproyeksikan bahwa sektor ini lebih besar di masa depan, karena saat ini ada 28 operator yang mengantri mendapatkan lisensi.

Diawasi oleh AGCO dan iGaming Ontario, pasar iGaming memulai debutnya pada 4 April 2022. Dalam 12 bulan pertama, pemain lokal memasang taruhan lebih dari CA$35 miliar, sehingga menghasilkan pendapatan lebih dari CA$1,4 miliar. Pasar juga mengambil monopoli dari Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation, yang merupakan satu-satunya pilihan online resmi di provinsi tersebut.

Ekspektasi pertumbuhan

Berbicara di sebuah panel di Canadian Gaming Summit, CEO AGCO Tom Mungham mengatakan ada 28 aplikasi menunggu peninjauan dan persetujuan. Dia memperkirakan sektor lokal akan tumbuh lebih jauh dan menjadi lebih besar di masa depan. Saat ini, ada lebih dari 30 operator yang beroperasi dan tampaknya akan lebih banyak lagi yang akan segera hadir.

Sebagian besar nama terkemuka di industri game telah menunggu di pasar, tetapi beberapa nama besar masih belum ada. Sebelumnya situs taruhan olahraga yang ramah cryptocurrency Bertaruh disebutkan sebagai seseorang yang tertarik untuk bergabung. The Financial Times melaporkan beberapa bulan yang lalu bahwa operator mengajukan izin dan sekarang sedang menunggu keputusan.

Ada juga operator yang sudah mendapat persetujuan dari pengawas iGaming namun belum online. Ini termasuk STX, yang sebelumnya mengumumkan akan meluncurkan bursa taruhan olahraga pertama di provinsi tersebut. Daftar operator mungkin juga termasuk BetRegal, yang beberapa waktu lalu mengatakan berencana untuk online di sektor provinsi.

Operator lain yang ingin bergabung adalah 5Dime, yang pada bulan Mei dilaporkan sedang mengajukan permohonan izin. Untuk melakukannya, perusahaan harus disetujui oleh AGCO dan menandatangani perjanjian operasi dengan iGaming Ontario. Operator tersebut termasuk di antara merek yang menangguhkan operasi lepas pantai di provinsi tersebut sambil menunggu izin peraturannya.

AGCO mengeluarkan dua denda

Sementara itu, AGCO memantau dengan cermat sektor iGaming dan baru-baru ini harus mengenakan dua denda moneter pada operator yang menawarkan layanan di dalamnya. BV Gaming dan Fitzdares Canada Limited melanggar Standar Provinsi untuk Permainan Internet dengan menawarkan taruhan ilegal pada hoki junior Kanada kepada pelanggan.

Dalam pernyataannya, AGCO menegaskan bahwa BV Gaming Limited melakukan pelanggaran Aturan 4.34, paragraf 15, menawarkan taruhan di Liga Hoki Ontario, Liga Hoki Junior Utama Quebec, dan Liga Hoki Barat. Fitzdares Canada juga dihukum karena menawarkan taruhan di Liga Hoki Ontario, Liga Hoki Junior Utama Quebec, dan Liga Hoki Barat. Mereka masing-masing menerima denda sebesar CA$15.000.

Sumber: Zochodne, Geoff “Ontario dapat menambahkan lebih banyak lagi situs taruhan olahraga legal, saran regulator” selimut28 Juni 2023

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AGCO sekali lagi diakui untuk layanan pengaturannya - Laporan Kasino
AGCO sekali lagi diakui untuk layanan pengaturannya – Laporan Kasino

Upaya luar biasa dari Komisi Perjudian dan Alkohol dalam merancang dan menerapkan kerangka peraturan pasar permainan internet baru dan kompetitif di Ontario, yang diluncurkan April lalu, telah diakui. Sebagai bukti dedikasi dan keahliannya, AGCO telah dianugerahi Penghargaan Excellence in Gaming Regulation yang prestisius dari North American Gaming Regulators Association.

AGCO adalah badan pengatur yang mengawasi industri ritel ganja, alkohol, perjudian, dan pacuan kuda swasta di Ontario. Beroperasi berdasarkan prinsip kejujuran, integritas dan kepentingan publik, AGCO diatur oleh dewan yang bertanggung jawab kepada Kementerian Kejaksaan Agung. Didirikan pada 23 Februari 1998, beroperasi sebagai korporasi di bawah Undang-Undang Komisi Perjudian dan Alkohol Ontario tahun 2019.

Kesaksian usaha Anda

Regulator Ontario dihormati di konferensi NAGRA di Boise, Idaho, pada 13 Juni, 2023, atas kontribusi dan kinerja luar biasa mereka dalam mengatur permainan. Sebagai pengawas provinsi, AGCO memainkan peran kunci dalam mengembangkan model game internet yang bertanggung jawab yang memprioritaskan pilihan konsumen, perlindungan pemain, dan pertumbuhan pasar legal. Debutnya April lalu.

Pasar perjudian teregulasi Ontario mencapai kesuksesan luar biasa di tahun pertamanya, dengan peralihan signifikan ke situs teregulasi. Pada 85% responden sekarang bertaruh pada platform yang diatur, berkat 45 operator terdaftar, 75 situs, dan 5.000 game bersertifikat. Kepemimpinan pemerintah yang kuat, kolaborasi dengan Ontario dan komitmen operator, penyedia, dan pemangku kepentingan semuanya berkontribusi pada pencapaian ini, Registrar dan Tom Mungham.

Jaksa Agung Doug Downey memuji AGCO atas upaya pengaturannya yang luar biasa di pasar game baru. Kementerian Kejaksaan Agung bangga bermitra dengan AGCO untuk membangun pasar yang aman, legal, dan kompetitif itu mempromosikan inovasi, menghasilkan peluang kerja, dan memastikan perlindungan dan pilihan pemain. Penghargaan ini mengakui prestasi mereka di bidang ini.

Jennifer LaMont, Presiden NAGRA, selamat diperpanjang regulator penerima Excellence in Gaming Award. Nominasi tersebut memamerkan upaya kolaboratif, keterampilan, komitmen, dan kerja tim AGCO dalam mengembangkan dan menerapkan kerangka peraturan untuk pasar iGaming baru di Ontario. Dedikasi tim staf AGCO terlihat jelas dalam informasi terperinci yang diberikan untuk pertimbangan penghargaan.

Ini bukan pertama kalinya regulator Ontario diakui atas upayanya untuk melakukan permainan yang bertanggung jawab. Pada Oktober 2022, pengawas menerima penghargaan untuk Keunggulan Regulasi di Asosiasi Regulator Permainan Internasional konferensi. Ini terkait dengan pembukaan pasar iGaming yang sukses untuk operator swasta di provinsi tersebut.

Memperkenalkan beberapa perubahan terkait periklanan

Berbicara tentang pasar iGaming pertama di provinsi tersebut, AGCO baru-baru ini mendengar desas-desus tentang masuknya pengumuman taruhan dari operator. Untuk alasan ini, badan pengawas mengajukan proposal untuk melarang penggunaan atlet olahraga dalam sponsorship semacam itu. Proposal Anda juga akan berlaku untuk tokoh kartun, simbol, panutan, influencer media sosial, selebritas, atau artis.

Sumber: “AGCO Memenangkan Penghargaan NAGRA untuk Keunggulan dalam Regulasi Permainan” publikasi keuangan13 Juni 2023

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CEO AGCO meninggalkan regulator game - Laporan Kasino
CEO AGCO meninggalkan regulator game – Laporan Kasino

Baru-baru ini, Komisi Permainan dan Alkohol mengeluarkan pengumuman besar bahwa Chief Executive Officer-nya akan pergi tahun ini. Sebagai pelayan jangka panjang, Tom Mungham akan pensiun musim gugur ini. Namun sampai saat itu, dia akan tetap sebagai dan Registrar sampai AGCO menemukan pengganti yang cocok.

Tuan Mungham adalah orang yang sangat berpengalaman, karena kedatangannya sebagai regulator dimulai pada tahun 2006, ketika dia bergabung dengan registri sebagai direktur lisensi. Setelah bertahun-tahun mengabdi dengan sempurna, dia menjadi CEO dan Registrar pada tahun 2020 dan telah memainkan peran penting dalam perkembangan industri Ontario.

memutar ulang tahun-tahun

Selama masa jabatannya sebagai CEO, Mr. Mungham memimpin sejumlah inisiatif penting di provinsi tersebut. Ini termasuk rilis dan pengembangan dari Teregulasi Ontario, yang dibuka pada April 2022. Pasar terbuka provinsi ini operator dan penyedia pihak ketiga adalah yang pertama di negara tersebut dan telah menampung lebih dari 50 operator.

Sebelum masa pemerintahannya di AGCO, Mr. Mungham bekerja di Kementerian Pemasyarakatan Dan Jaksa Agung Negara Bagian sebelum dipindahkan ke Kepolisian Provinsi Ontario. Di sana ia memegang posisi penting sebagai chief financial officer dan komandan layanan bisnis dan keuangan. Kemudian, pada tahun 2006, dia datang ke regulator game tempat dia menghabiskan waktu selama 17 tahun.

Presiden AGCO Lalit Aggarwal berterima kasih kepada Tuan Mungham atas pengabdiannya selama 17 tahun dan kepemimpinannya yang luar biasa sebagai chief executive officer dan registrar. Atas nama panitia juga mengungkapkan rasa terima kasih mereka yang terdalam atas bimbingannya dalam menjalankan mandat AGCO dengan komitmen yang teguh pada nilai integritas, rasa hormat, tanggung jawab dan kepedulian.

Selain itu, Tuan Aggarwal mendoakan yang terbaik bagi CEO untuk bab berikutnya yang layak diterimanya. Terakhir, dia berbagi bahwa dewan direksi sudah berdiri dan berjalan. proses mencari pengganti yang cocok. Dia mengatakan dia telah mempertahankan perusahaan pencarian eksekutif untuk mendukung usaha ini, sehingga memastikan pencarian pengganti yang menyeluruh dan profesional.

Terbaru di Industri

Sebagai pelindung pasar iGaming yang waspada, AGCO baru-baru ini membagikan niatnya untuk mengambil lebih banyak tindakan melawan operator ilegal yang masih beroperasi di provinsi tersebut. iGaming Ontario yang ingin melisensikan lebih banyak operator dan karenanya menghasilkan lebih banyak keuntungan ekonomi untuk yurisdiksi karena operator ilegal saat ini mengeluarkan uang dari provinsi tersebut.

Setelah pengenalan sektor hukum, AGCO memberi operator masa transisi untuk meminta lisensi dan melakukan perubahan. 31 Oktober 2022 ditetapkan sebagai batas waktu resmi untuk private label. Regulator memperingatkan bahwa mereka yang tidak mematuhi standar baru harus menghentikan kegiatan yang tidak diatur dan berisiko ditolak permohonannya di masa depan.

Sumber: Fletcher, Rob “AGCO mengonfirmasi kepergian CEO Mungham” Bisnis iGaming14 Maret 2023

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